Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Log the slogs. They'll turn to jogs.

I've barely been updating this thing. After a hiatus from real training(okay, I seldom train) and life changes that just don't seem suitable for "real time" updates(a book about how seemingly sad things can turn out beautifully, surely). I think I'll start documenting miles on this blog again. I, for some reason, loathe the use of social media as an exercise log. I don't give a shit if "Hobby McJoggerson ran 10.526 miles and felt 'meh.'" Why is this? Do I dislike people that remind me of my own narcissistic tendencies? I roll my eyes at people who know what all the elite ultrarunners are up to according to as I secretly wonder when the hell Tony Krupicka is going to update his damned blog. Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.

I had the pleasure of attending the TNF EC 50 mile in San Francisco this past weekend. I accompanied my girlfriend, Kelsey Gray, as she tossed herself into the mix with the best ultrarunners around. She had an incredible run, and I'll let her tell the tale in her own time. From a fan/pacer/cheerleader standpoint, this was an incredible experience. I saw an area of the country I've never seen before, enjoyed some quality travel time, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing Kelsey run the latter half(ish) of her race. She impressed the hell out of me, especially on the downhills. She's tough as nails, and pretty damned polite even when she's in pain.  I'll hang around for more fun/laughing/adventure/de-mirroring of rental cars if she'll have me.

Enough gushing. I'm grossin' y'all out with my being all affectionate and what not.

obligatory Golden Gate Bridge photo.

Nobody fell off any cliffs, which is nice. 

Twin Peaks. Giant City.
I've been saying that the trip to California and subsequent pacing duties would be the kickoff to real training. 5 hours in the mountains isn't to be fucked with when you're "soon to be in shape." I've got about 4 months. Or is it 5? I'll say 4, so that I don't continue slacking.

Training for this particular journey will require a little creativity. Pacing at TNF will likely be my sole mountain run before heading to the Highline trail. How does one cover 11,500' of technical climbing and descending when living in the midwest? Running mountains would be the best thing because it would train specific muscles, build strength in specific muscles and be more fun, but such is life.
What does one need to run fast in technical mountain trails?
-Leg Speed
-High VO2 max
-Leg Strength
-Enough fast twitch muscle to dodge rocks.

A list titled "things I need to work on" would look a lot like this, so I guess I'll have to take some sort of "cross training" approach. I need power, but sustained power for climbing. I need strength, but sustained strength to bomb long downhills. Fitness is fitness, and I think I can attain it if I keep moving and remember to run fast.

Ah, fuckit I'll just run a lot with a lot of people and do hill repeats.

Oh, right. The documenting of miles. I'll do that next week.

Keep your heads up.


  1. First off, I'm glad you're okay. The little 'episode' you mention in the last post must have been pretty scary at the time, but from what I understand is relatively innocuous and can be brought on by things as benign as stifling a sneeze. I.e. You're going to die, just not soon, hopefully... (on the 'soon' part).

    Second, AK posted on Monday. I hadn't bothered to check in a while - you can always tell when he's injured as the posts dry up. So yeah, I'm a bit pathetic in that I'm an elite ultrarunning fan. However, each time I've had a chance to meet and chat with an elite (Dakota, Ellie, Cameron - yah, I'm on first-name basis now :) they've been super-nice so I feel a bit better about my cyber-stalking on irunfar, etc.

    Life changes... hmmm... it seems reasonably obvious what you're talking about, so I'm glad it looks like things are working our for you. Kelsey seems like a catch!

    1. Thanks, for the kind words, David(in both comments recently). I've accepted the idea that I shall live out my days like those fainting goats that have permeated youtube. As long as I can lean away from the cliff edges, I'll keep on keeping on.

      I'm, of course, a closet fan of the sport. I'm far too much of a hipster to acknowledge my following of the elites of the sport, even if I do think they current string of people dominating the scene is a pretty damned cool bunch.

      As far as the last comment, I certainly tend to agree.