Monday, August 19, 2013

Week Ending 8/18: Summer of Awesome

Monday: 3 Miles. 30 minutes on the beach. Slow, slow, slow, but after a 15 minute warmup, I decided to throw in alternating 60 seconds of high and low intensity. Though the heart rate spikes, it's easier to cover ground if swing the arms and go like hell. Even though the rest periods were slow, still a negative split on the out/back.

Tuesday: 14 miles. I have no idea how long this run actually was. 2+ hours with Evan on technical, sandy, log-laden single track and beautiful Lake Michigan coastline. Calling it 13 because it's a decent guess.

Wednesday: zip. 11 hours of work would be a solid excuse,but I had plenty of time to run. Just felt tired.

Thursday: no running, just core work and water classes.

Friday: 16 miles. Flat as hell run on dirt roads and bike paths by my house. 1 hour each way. I felt a little off when this run started. Anxious, a little hungry, and hot. Brought my two new handheld bottles, but neglected to bring any calories with me. Hadn't eaten for a few hours prior, so this was a particularly draining run. Still, I'll be happy with a casual 16 miles in 2 hours. A little core exercise after that.

Saturday: 22 miles. Woke up to realize that I either need to practice drinking, or I'm not a kid anymore. Kind of hungover. Drove to Yankee Springs for a 30 miler with Kelsey and Zack. 22 miles of exploring the areas beyond the mountain bike loop, and called it a day at 22 miles. Not sore, or exhausted, but just felt the same shittiness that I felt at the start. Fun day on the trails, topped off with a pretty awesome veggie wrap from the local pub.

Sunday: 5 miles. Same route I always run from home, but it felt great for some reason. The slight ache from the "long run" was ever present, but I liked it. For the first time in a while, the hurt made me feel accomplished instead of defeated.

The latter part of the day was spent Kayaking on the Muskegon River and Muskegon Lake. 3 hours of paddling. Not incredibly intense exercise, but some peace and quiet outside.

60 miles for the week, plus the other activity. Not exactly the dedication of a champ, but overdoing it could be worse than slacking.

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