Tuesday, May 28, 2013

4th week of may...ish.

7 miles - "Piss Cave" loop with Evan. A hilly route that took us through a long, dark, uphill tunnel, frequented by street folk with full bladders. Nice, eh? Who would miss Boulder when they have routes like the Piss Cave? Heat, humidity, 3 hours of sleep, and 3.5h of lecture makes for a pretty nasty experience. At least we felt like death together to pull each other along. 7:00-7:40 pace. Uuuuuggghhhhhh, shit.

5 miles - a nice surprise after a day in class, I had an hour to spare before going to work for the night. 40-50 minutes of trails and soft beach sand. Barefoot and khaki shorts because I had no shoes or shorts in the shaggin' wagon. Great little escape from books and bricks.

...or thursday. 22 miles with Mike and Kelsey. Started at 9:30am at Yankee Springs and ran until 2ish. Easy miles on the trails to help Kelsey get used to running trails at night with no sleep. Seems like a pretty solid run was had by all. My longest run, timewise, in quite a while. My lack of preparation had me eating candy and oranges procured from my car or a gas station. I did find a clif shot on the trail, though. Thank you, litterbug cyclists(I'm guessing).

This run gave me the itch to get back into ultras. The peace of mind that comes from the woods and good company, the relentlessness that comes from placing more emphasis on distance than speed, and the high that comes from being tired from prolonged exertion. It's not better or worse than, say, a good track workout, but quite different.

After finishing the run, riding back to Grand Haven with Mike, and driving myself back to Muskegon, I was just a few minutes shy of being up for 24 straight hours. Slept from 5-8am, then got up for a 14hour day of driving, lecture, lab, and teaching water exercise.

I seriously can't remember if I ran friday. I don't think I did. Worst blog ever. Wait...mileage isn't a function of blog quality. Wait...my mileage and blogging skillz are sucking independently of one another right now.

Samantha and I went on a tour of the USS Silversides, a WWII submarine that now resides in our hometown. Though a bit embarassing, I find that each passing year results in me realizing just how unwise my former self perpetually is. I walk through the museum and see pictures of ships, wreckage, and artillery. Alongside these pictures are photos of men and women. These are the faces of people who gave up a life of whimsical goofing around. They decided not to wait for the perfect conditions to make something of themselves, and to contribute to something they beilieved in.

I thought of memorial day parades. How I used to hate the noises and the anxiety and having to watch old cars slowly drive by. How no amount of tootsie rolls or tiny frisbees with a local realtor's face on them could make me want to stay. This year, at age 25, I finally realized: It's not about entertaining me, but about honoring them. The people who fought in wars and came back different.

7 miles with Mark and Ryan at Hoffmaster. Hills, sand, and roots, but at a pretty mellow pace. Nice jog in some cool weather.

No running today, but a 10 mile bike ride with Sam.

41 miles
A bit of a down week by design, as I knew I'd be busy with the holiday weekend. It had been about 3 weeks of "training," and I'm a fan of the "three on/one off" theory. Three weeks in the 50ish mile range, backed this one down to 40s, Then pick it back up again next week. As usual, training for this upcoming race has been full of distractions like cool long runs, school, and family. I'm happy for it, though. Training solo like a robot, doing exactly what I have planned would have a high probability of falling off the wagon. With help from friends and fun jogs to go on, I'll be better off.


  1. Re: Friday, I sometimes wonder if bloggers are just making up shit when they're recording their weekly runs. Hell, I can't remember if I ran yesterday.

    We spent Memorial day running the Bolder Boulder. It's amazing how a race with 50K people can feel like a small-town community run. My 8 year old ran the 10K in 63 minutes while eating freezies, cupcakes, cotton candy, and bacon (interesting aid stations). He clearly has the heart (or stomach) of an ultra runner.

    1. Agreed on all counts. I love BolderBoulder, but have never run it. I've helped the wheelchair athletes and chilled in the skybox, but never had the pleasure of running it. Maybe next year (*applies stamp to CSU application*)

      Give bear peak a kiss for me, please!

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