Monday, January 28, 2013

Back in the Saddle Sores.

Back at it. I started and abandoned several posts since the new year. Keeping this log helps me get into a groove for training, so it's time to start it back up. Since I'm sure everyone missed my nauseating combination of pseudo-deep thinking and toilet humor, I'll probably post the posts.

If anyone still reads this thing, I hope they enjoy some of it. If you like proof reading grammatical errors and run on sentences, then you, my dear reader, are welcome!

8 miles - Below 0 windchills and a few inches of snow. A beautifully frozen run that reinvigorated my desire to actually train. I'm still not 100% recovered from being sick. A fairly juicy sounding cough is still present deep down in my chest, but I'm able to cruise at my own pace. First case of beardsicles for the year. First time I've truly needed my MT110Ws and my fleece tubehat thingy.

off - Studied all day and went to work for the typical 4 hours of water rehab/exercise. I have a new group that likes to be challenged, so I crank up the intensity. Working on a bitchin' playlist of 80's montage songs for them...because I'm a douche like that.

8 miles again. Reverse loop of the monday route. Knee deep powder, right on the road. Makes for a really fun run without having to drive anywhere.

5 miles + workout classes. Cruising the woods near the house before heading to work. Nothing special, but in a way, it was. A beautiful scene with a creek, a foot of fresh snow, pines and sunshine all to myself. As I reluctantly return to running, this simple jog reminded me what it's all about. No stupid rankings on websites or FUPA-pinching belt buckles can take away what running means to me as an individual. Some get it, some don't, and that's cool. Embrace the Forrest Gump part of running.

7 miles - an hour and a half of watchless hiking/running/slogging in knee deep powder on the dunes at the State Park. Still a little sick and hella out of shape, hills are the bane of my existence...but enjoyable. Each hill made me cough a juicy cough and get a little dizzy, but I just slowed down and leaned into my kickass Black Diamond carbon fiber trekking poles(I got them for mountain running. Better get into an appropriately located grad school, eh?). Sketchy weather, blinding snow, and gorgeous views of both Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan from the same dune. Hard to beat. I actually smiled and laughed multiple times. The love of running is coming back.

80 miles @ 1:00/mile pace. I had a slight ergogenic aid: A snowmobile. Great ride with my family.

22 miles - 3:30. Met up with Jeremiah at 6:30am for some arduous snow jogging in Grand Haven and Spring Lake. Mostly unplowed bike paths and sidewalks, with a little trudging through parks fields along the way. Not much vertical to speak of, but a great run. For us both being on a rebound(JC hasn't run more than a dozen times since November), this run felt pretty laid back for both of us. Time included a stop in the woods for a deuce, stopping at the car for water, and a break to sit in a snowbank for reasons unknown. A great way to punctuate a week of cruising in a winter world that will probably melt away as fast as it came.

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