Monday, May 7, 2012

April 30th - May 6th, 2012

All the ass time in the car drained me of energy. 0 miles. 40 minutes of biking as my work commute.

Planned to run the Tuesday tempo run up Gregory, but my scatterbrained ways got the best of me. Forgot my shorts. Probably for the best since I was dehydrated when I got out of work. Travelling wrecks me. I'd better make sure I get a flight out West for Tahoe to save me from travel fatigue.
Standard 40 minutes of biking and working a gymnastics program.
28 miles -Thirty if you count the jog of shame from the Boulder Transcient Station. Jason beat me to telling the tale, and he used my photos, so I'll just be lazy and link to his self depricating version.

Though we fell drastically short of our mileage goal, I'm a bit more optimistic. It was a great adventure and it allowed me to experiment with carrying gear. When water and refeuling are unknown distances apart in no man's land, I'm not willing to risk my life to don a "minimalist" label. Plus, carrying extra weight on a training run can only make me stronger. The downside is funny tanlines I guess. We failed to run the route in both directions, but I'm confident that we could do it if we attempted it again. The time spent with the map out alone was probably an hour of idle time. Another bonus was that the run started off with a casual jog up Green Mtn that may have been my fastest yet. Just a reminder that fighting the mountain is futile. Relax and flow.

We managed to stay off pavement all day, with the exception of some miles on Flagstaff Rd.

JR and EP navigated using the map. My job? Carrying it.

Me at the Barker Reseroir, really craving a beer and a sandwich.

10 miles - A nice recovery run with Jason and Shelly on the Flagstaff Trail and Green Mountain. I know I'm a recent transplant, but I like showing people my favorite views on the trails. The run was casually paced, but Jason and I made a bit of a fartlek out of it. Having him pushing behind me made me run faster than usual. Awesome run in absolutely perfect weather and some Illegal Pete's afterward. Having the Robillards in town was great, and I'll be sad to see them go again. They've made plans to crew and pace at TRT, so it we a grand adventure for certain.

AM - 8 miles ...ish? Work and Samantha's birthday celebrations called for a condensed workout. After lots of slow, aimless wandering in the mountains, a flat, fast effort made me feel like less of a bum. Headed to work early and hopped onto the South Boulder path for some 1/2 mile repeats.
1 mile warm up
5x800, equal rest.
2 mile cooldown
This was fun, in a painful kind of way. I'd like to get back to a point in training where I could link these 800m's together to form a solid tempo run. Since it took a half mile of jogging in between to get these numbers, it's not going to happen overnight.

Worked all day at the Special Olympics track meet.
I can never say that I’m lacking sources of inspiration. As the athletes competed in track and field events, I began to realize something. Those of us who fancy ourselves as athletes could learn a great deal by attending a Special Olympics event. As “highly functioning” people, we learn how to mask our performance-related feelings with ego and boorish bravado. The athletes at these games show unfiltered emotion. They get so happy they cry, they get so nervous they get sick. Nobody cares if they make an ugly face as they squeeze every ounce of strength from their legs as they break the tape. After a 400m, which ended in a 3 way kick in the final steps, I saw the competitors truly embrace each other. They were truly thankful to be there, looking forward to their next opportunity to tear up the track. Friends want to race each other not to settle scores, but because it’s fun. If you ever get the chance to volunteer at a Special Olympics event, jump at the chance.

13ish miles on Republican Mountain with Jason and Shelly. As much as I love having an 8300' peak 2 miles from my door, I love the high country even more. This was my first time above 10000' since my return to Colorado. The altitude is humbling, and so are the views. Both implore you to stop, catch your breath, and realize how small we really are. Pictures don't do it justice, so my words couldn't possibly do it either.

A little embarassment as I realized Shelly and I were wearing the same pants.
We would return to the truck 4hrs later to realize that I left the door open.

Maybe it's my winter outdoors roots, but having bright sun warming me while I can
see my breath makes me feel most like me.

Most of the trail was in this condition, but a bit more steep.
4 thousandish feet over 6ish miles to the summit.

We've all got our demons to fight with, but mine felt smaller today.

Shelly and me trotting across the sky. A couple miles from the summit.
Yes, we had to stage some cool photos.
Would you want nothing but candids of me, digging a man-pri wedgie?

Thanks to Columbia, the Peak 2 Peak jacket provided just enough warmth.
I originally wore it because the weather forecast was looking stormy, but it blocked a little cold air.

Jason steps from behind the lens to...squat a rock? Xfitters are weird.
You haven't tagged the summit until you're standing on the tip top, right?
There has to be a way to keep this dream alive.


  1. Great pics. I have been to CO countless times in the winter to board and always heard how awesome it was up there in the summer. Now I am seeing all of the pics form the different mountain running blogs and really have the itch to make a summer trip now.

    1. I'm kind of in the opposite situation. I've never spent a winter here, and I'm looking forward to running the lower trails and skiing up high this winter.

  2. Hey did you guys start at Bard creek for this run, or down in Empire? I'm trying to plan a couple of runs out there next week and I completely forgot about this trail. I can't even remember if it is that runnable for slugs? Maybe I'll just head up the bard creek trail that one is less intense if I remember correctly. Btw what time is it getting dark out there
    Thanks and sorry about the question overload.

    1. We started just outside of Empire. Fairly runnable, if you're persistent. We lazed about and took a shitload of pictures, but I'd deem it all runnable. There were jeep/atv tracks on a lot of it, so if they can make it, a runner can. Getting dark around...8ish? I live fairly close to the flatirons here in Boulder, so the sun ducks behind them fairly early.