Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 6: Home Stretch

I still haven't run, and its about 3:30pm. Debating whether to run before or after dinner.

The weather has taken a turn for the chilly, and its snowing pretty heavily. This is perfect. Snow beats rain any day, and makes for something more aesthetically pleasing while I plod out these final miles. A quiet, long solo run is going to happen, taking me into the week the same way it started.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how great I feel after an easy 18. I didn't think 2 miles or a slower pace would make much of a difference, but I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the last 20miler of the week. I'll write up more of what I learned later, but the most important has been the value of proactive blister care. My feet look awful as I glue together blisters that started small and grew quickly.

I can't help but feel that more accomplished runners could read this and think that I'm being a self-indulgent ass clown for documenting such a trivial thing as a slow low quality/high volume week like this. I realize that such feats are accomplished by several people in my social circle on a regular basis. Truth is, it's just to keep me on pace and help me do something I know I'm capable of. My limits lately have been self imposed products of complacency, and announcing my goals to even a few people has helped make me accountable, even if my mother likely accounts for the majority of my readership.

Enough musing, its time to get running.

If I don't post by the end of the day...just wait longer.

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