Sunday, July 10, 2011

You Have to Exercise to Call it a Training Log

I was going to do my usual, boring running log stuff, but running has been far too inconsistent this week to bother with that format. A combination of heat, malaise, and work hours took it's toll on me this week. In my usual pre-race routine, I've sabotaged myself out of any type of confidence. a 35 mile week, two weeks before a 50 mile? A bit sad if I want to do well.

I don't have to read old blog posts to notice a pattern. Almost every race I've run in the past two years have been preceded by a couple crappy weeks. How long will my luck last? Is it luck at all? What could I accomplish if I actually possessed work ethic?

I just need to look at the bigger picture and stop being pessimistic. The past week of running has consisted of a few sporadic jogs, but all have been of pretty good quality.
Monday was a long, arduous trek up Bear Peak and down Shadow Canyon in the rain. Its a somewhat smooth ride up the first couple miles, then an all out crawl up the summit. My heart was racing, but I was hitting a whopping 35 minute mile pace up to the rocky 8500' peak.

Mid week was pretty lame, consisting of a few 3-4 milers. No watch, just cruising around Boulder and "running" some errands. I just ran by feel, focusing on posture and staying smooth. Fun runs in good weather.

Friday was the next day I got out the trails. My favorite route up Gregory Canyon to Long Canyon Trail to the Summit of Green. This run was a milestone for me. Though I had no watch to confirm, I think this was my best run up a mountain yet. I didn't stop, or even take a walk break up the entire 3.5 mile, 3100' climb. If I can run 3100feet in 3 miles, then maybe the 8000' of climbing in 50 miles won't be so bad(I'm fragile, indulge me, will you?).

The weekend was spent at Rocky Mountain National Park! I wasn't running or on vacation, but working. My internship program, where I work with people with disabilities, took a group of campers for an overnight trip into the park. We hiked around Bear Lake and a couple adjacent trails.
No training merit, but the views were spectacular as I watched the sunrise over the mountains, the only benefit to not sleeping more than 10 minutes all night.

The bus I drove, the mountains we watched, and the campsite we stayed on.

small picture of Bear Lake. Nice loop that was easily
 accessible for all of our participants

My phone takes crappy pictures. Here's the beautiful sunrise I caught while all the other
campers were sleeping.

 In other news, My friend, fellow blogger, and virtual training partner Rebecca Schaefer and I were pictured in ULTRArunning Magazine. The photo of us after the finish of the Mind the Ducks 12 hour was used in the most recent issue of our sports magaxine.
I don't have a subscription to ultraRUNNING, so I have no idea the context in which
this was used. I assume it was a public service announcement about
 creepy dudes attacking fast girls in parks.
I'll probably post again this week about anxiety, self doubt, motivation, and where I'm going to carry 40 GUs before I race Leadville this weekend.

...Wish me luck, I'll need it. Here's to going out of comfort zones!

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