Sunday, June 12, 2011


Monday -
PM -7 miles - Left from my place to the Mount Sanitas Park for a quick climb before dinner. Since the climb is shorter on the East Ridge trail, I was able to actually run most of it. No watch. It was beautiful.  According to my super timekeeping device(somewhat broken clock on the microwave), the loop took about an hour and 10.

later PM - 3 miles - took off after dinner down the goose creek path. All the climbing has made me forget what it feels like to kick up my heels and run with a smooth stride. Tossed on my Fivefingers for the first time in weeks and just tried to stay smooth. Nothing crazy or "balls out," just 3 easy at 6:50ish pace.
...this day was a good example of what I'd like to do most days of the week. My legs still feel solid afterward and it didn't really disrupt my day. Full day at work, dinner with Sam, 2 solid runs and some Family Guy...awesome.

Tuesday -
9 miles - Parked on Baseline road and took Gregory Canyon up to Green. Yet again, the run was disrupted by dehydration. Being distracted and neglectful with my water drinking all day has had negative consequences. The climb was particularly arduous today, but still enjoyable. I must be walking less up the mountain and running more, because I'm getting faster(barely). Ran 4ishmiles down Flagstaff road back to the car to work on turnover and downhill form. The flagstaff trail will most likely be incorporated into my long run this weekend. Overall a really enjoyable run, but I need to make sure I stay hydrated.

1.5 miles - Took the Goose Greenway to the grocery store to grab some garlic bread and Parmesan cheese for dinner. I couldn't figure out why I was getting funny looks as I went through the store. Didn't know why until it dawned on me that I was still jogging around the store. What an idiot.

- sadly, no running. Insomnia and some sort of allergen have rendered me exhausted. I left work a little late and never mustered up the motivation to go for a run. Biked a few miles with Sam around town. We took a tour of Boulder Creek and learned some of the history of the town. I then went to bed at 9:30 like an old man.

11 miles - an actual road run, first one in quite a while. Left from my place to the Boulder Creek Path, then up Canyon into the mountains a bit before turning around. Certainly an awesome road route to work on turnover and still get the beauty of the land here. Tentatively planning a road run up in the mountains to Nederland, 17 miles away and 3000 feet up. It would be fun to run there, eat at the brewhouse, then run home. It would make a nice 38ish miler and adventure.

7 miles- ran to Mount Sanitas from home, climbed the mountain, then ran down the ridge to the roads back home. Nice run overall, but my fatigued legs aren't liking the technical trails as much as the rest of my body enjoys the visceral excitement of bombing down rocky ridges.

Not running, but I rode hours with the wheelchair racers in the Paralympic Sport Program. Have I mentioned that I love my internship? Gently rolling hills of Longmont, with the mountains in the background watching over us. To ensure a workout, I used the most inefficient gear possible on my road bike. The athletes I'm working with are crazy fast, so they even put distance between me on a bike sometimes. The more I'm outside moving in the sunshine, the better I feel. I understand the allure of cycling in CO now, even if it pales in comparison to the trails. Another great day, topped off with a walk with Sam and some frozen yogurt(nowhere near as good as ice cream, but hey).

AM- 5 miles Longmont 10k....sort of. I was working the the Paralympic program, so I figured I might as well try to "tempo effort" a 10k for the first time since the RoadHawg in Battle Creek. 1.5 mile warmup, then the race started. It felt fast, but I'm out of shape, so everything feels fast. I tried hanging with the lead pack, but the 2-3 guys ahead of me surged after a mile. I was resigned to running my own 10k and staying solid...then we turned into the finish. I was running the damned 2 mile, not the 10k! A quick lap around the track, and I was done. Ended up getting second in my age group with a 11:40 or something. Barely even enough to be my 5k pace. I was disappointed to be done, but happy that my 10k pace was enough to place in a local 2 miler. Oh well. I'm glad this happened at a fun event and not a priority race.

PM- 7 miles - Rode my bike to the Gregory Canyon, then ran up the flagstaff trail. I was tired from waking up early so I perched myself on a rock and gazed out at the mountains for a little while. I watched one of these little lizards sun itself on a rock for a while, just observing and marveling at how still it was.

I had to google this picture, but this is the lizard I saw. Promise.

I was a little disappointed in myself for being tired after such a lackluster performance on Saturday morning, but I just chugged along up Flagstaff trail and ran the smooth sections, scrambled up the rocky ones. Once the trail ended, I ran Flagstaff Road to Long Canyon and took it down to Gregory Canyon to home again. It was a great run, but slow. I have to remember that I'm still new at this mountain running stuff. Baby steps. It will come.

AM - 4 miles - drove outside of town to some trails, but ended up on some ORV trails and ran with the Jeeps and dritbikes a little. Seeing the motorcycles on the trail reminded me of how I used to spend my summers, kicking up dust and flying around the woods in search for the perfect dirt hit to launch a 200lb bike into the air. I meandered off trail and snagged some shots while I was just bumming around and taking it all in. The run took forever, and I wasn't pushing it very hard. This was the first run this week that felt easy, so I'll go with it.
I could sit here all day, away from noise and distraction. Maybe a book next time.

Jesus, I look like Kevin Costner from Water World. Not good.

I won't ruin it with words.

5 - Hiked with Sam, climbed for an hour or so on the Open Space climbing areas, walked back. Most importantly, I had a Slurpee. Junk miles for the win.
Total: 60 miles, mostly quality. On the trail runs, I run until exhaustion, then walk or stop until I'm ready to give it another go. The only exception was Sunday, when I meandered around taking pictures and climbed rocks. In this "rebuilding phase," I'm falling back on the ultra training rhetoric that every single thing you do is ultra training. I'll start to get my mojo back when I can summit a couple local peaks without sucking wind. As I get more plugged into the social pipeline, I hope to find a group to do the occasional track workout.

I'm a bit surprised by how fragile my ego is. I just had one of the best performances of my life in New York prior to coming to Boulder. I've won over half of the ultras I've ever entered. I can still hold my own in a short road races.I ran my first mile 5 years ago, and shattered my kneecap 3 years ago. I say this not to brag, but to point out that in spite of all that, I still am reduced to a crawl when trying to explore mountain running. The trails here have kept a "flow state" of running just beyond my reach. There's only one thing to do, and that is to keep trying. If I keep trying, I can't fail. We're all works in progress.

...Nothing is static. We're all either building up or falling down.

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    awww yeah

    Junk miles for the win, I went to a wedding in D-town this past weekend and drank my weight in alcohol....needless to say the 3 days off full of hangover is only a BOOST to my excellent training this summer, lol