Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Taper week: MTD 2011

10 miles- trying to dial in the race pace for Saturday, but to no avail. Every time I checked the Garmin, pace was about 1 minute/mile faster than I wanted. Maybe it's a good thing, maybe it's bad. Who knows. First really hot day of the year- just over 80. I didn't bring any water, so I experienced a little fatigue at the end along with some swollen hands. Oh yeah, that's what summer running feels like. Can't wait for more.

Tuesday -
No running, but 6 hours of cutting, splitting, and stacking wood served as my exercise for the day. Good times bonding with my Grandpa, who is one of the bigger pieces of my support system.

3 miles - served no real purpose other than entertainment. 1.55 out and back(for the sake of running a 5k). Lots of downhill and fresh legs made a 20 minute 5k feel nice. Taper weeks are cool!

...3 days of no physical activity later...

77.249884850584958684943958493 miles  - Mind the Ducks 12 hour.
1st overall- nowhere near course record, but I'm one happy jogger.

Long, boring race report to follow in the next couple days.

approximately 30 feet of walking and the worst post race sickness in a while.

In the next few days, I'll be on my way to Boulder, writing my race report, reviewing the Somnio NADA shoe(the shoe I wore for MTD without any previous testing), and starting a new internship. Busy times ahead. I want to write about it as much as possible.

Summer's here everyone, let's get out and enjoy our lives and each other's company.


  1. yay. i think you missed a couple places on that decimal though....

  2. yeah! i want to donate $77.25 to the NF cause now. how/where do i electronically do that again?

    i'm looking forward to the race report (despite rumors that it's long and boring (could it boring if it were short?)). i'm hoping that the run was great times and really positive. it sounds like you had a rough few weeks health-wise, but still managed to smooth some earth.

    double parenthesis AND odd running idioms,

  3. congrats jesse! sounds like the start of what should be a great season for you.