Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rebuilding From the Ground up...a Mile Up.

Okay, I'll be brief with the boring exercise shit, since I'm not doing anything at all impressive.

Monday - 1 hour - Visited the Centennial trails, the closest park to our house. I had to work at noon, but luckily my body still thinks it's in Michigan so I was up early. Sam and I hiked up a couple really small peaks, then ran down. I had to be exceedingly careful with my hurt foot. Any more than a few steps on the injured area resulted in pain, so I just watched Samantha as she glided down the trails.

Tuesday - Pretty much nothing, but I sure did watch a lot of exercise - helped out with a water aerobics class, orientation-type internship stuff, and helped out with wheelchair racing. Very good time to be injured - I need to shift my focus to other things temporarily

Wednesday- 1.5 hours - Sam and I hiked up Mount Sanitas. I would guess it to be about a 3 mile loop, but I have no idea. It's a rather small park, but a couple of mid-westerners like us still find it scenic and challenging. My foot, with the help of Traumeel(a homeopathic anti-inflammatory for muscle strains), Ibuprofen, and a few wraps of tape, felt a bit stronger. Still can't run on flat surfaces, but jumping around from rock to rock in the mountain is fun and pain-free. Pardon me while I act dissappointed.

Thursday- 6 hours - I had the day off, so Sam and I decided to check out a bigger park. We biked from our place to Chautauqua Park, where we hiked to Gregory Canyon, then up some where to eat lunch(forgive my unfamiliarity with the area, I'm enjoying the sensation of simply wandering around). Somewhere between the Green Mountain Lodge and the peak of Green. At the risk of sounding like a tourist, I have to say that I was awestruck. Seeing a different part of our world makes me feel things that are beyond words. Some of the views, even this close to town, are hard to describe with words or a camera. Normally thoughts materialize into written word easily for me, but I find myself overwhelmed by the enormity. It didn't stop us from taking some pictures though.
Yours truly on the Amphitheater Trail, coffee flavored GU hanging out of my mouth.

Yeah, I like flowers. So what?

Creeping out over the edge of a giant rock. Photos: Samantha
Friday -My first REAL run since the 12 hour - 2 hours - I was starting to feel better. The days of hiking over the past week have given me the confidence to test out the foot on some trails. We've been running the technical downhill parts of our hikes, so it led me to believe that my foot would hold up. I really enjoyed the route Sam and I took, so I decided to do it again. She apparently lost her sunglasses in the trail, so the run served multiple purposes. I found the spectacles, had a great run, and sat on saddle rock. I watched a hummingbird. Everything about the run was new and exciting. New trails, new shorts, new shoes, new trails, and fresh legs after nearly 3 weeks off. Running on trails that are actually far enough to be considered wilderness was new and exciting. My usual spot at home is practically butted up to a freeway, so my ears noticed the lack of tire noise immediately. The going was slow, about 14-15 minute miles on the uphills, but if I keep working, it will get better. I didn't bring a camera since it was the same route as the previous day.

Yep, I bought shoes. I wore them once in the mountains and really love them.
Saturday- 14 hour work day- Rode the BolderBoulder 10k course with the wheelchair racers on my bike. I'm exceedingly happy that I didn't register for the race. Call it Divine intervention, but not being registered for the race has given me the opportunity to get internship hours by supporting the athletes in the wheelchair racing program. The rest of the day was spent working at the Boulder Creek Festival. This was an amazing experience. I've met so many great people in my short time in Boulder. This isn't surprising since I'm involved in a program with the main goal of bringing out the best in people. With some work, I'll bring out the best in myself.

Sunday - 2+ hours - Sam and I rode our bikes to the Mount Sanitas Park and parted ways for some alone time. She had her camelback and was ready to hike, I had my shorts and water bottle. The climb is barely 1 mile from the road to the peak, but took me nearly 20 minutes to get there. I'd like to blame it on the trail being inundated with hikers, but I think that was only a fraction of my sluggishness. I got lost on the descent and ended up in someones yard, dogs barkin' and the whole bit. I turned around, going back up to the top, only to miss another corner. I just barely missed an Open Space Officer(I'm not sure how she didn't see me off trail, but I'm glad she did - honest mistake). Hit the Dakota Ridge Trail, and came up behind a pretty lady, smiling away with her blue camelback and Merrell Pace Gloves on. Sam had somehow passed me while I was lost. Imagine my surprise when my self proclaimed "non-runner" girlfriend beat her wannabe mountain racer boyfriend! Still a great run and we were able to finish together.

Edit: Snuck in 2 miles on the Goose Creek Path after dinner. My first pavement run since MTD. All seemed well. Even my pace was back around the "comfort" level I was running in training (around 7:05ish min/mile). Looks like I can proceed with caution from here on out. Back to my normal bitching about aches and pains associated with doubles and no sleep.

Wow, that was exceedingly long. I apologize. If my weeks are going to be this eventful, I'll have to add another post! I'll add a few notes and let you go about your day.

Training for Fall - If I'm going to do an ultra in MI when I return, I think its best to give time more weight in my training log. The intensity is far different here while I adjust. A 30 minute 5k isn't that tough on the trails at home, but I'm lucky if I can get that here. Once my foot holds up to road running, I hope that changes. My weeks of being relatively sedentary have taken me from a "recovery period" to a "de-training period." It's time to start over, so six weeks or so of base building is in order.  As I try to climb mountains with my hands on my knees, I realize that this is probably what my awful, tired form looks like:

Shoes- I needed just a bit more shoe than my floppy old trail gloves here. The MT101 is a great shoe, but the rock plate just doesn't jive with me because it tends to rock when I land on pointy stuff. The inov-8 f-lite 195 has been great on my runs this week, and should be a good road flat to get me to the trailhead when the time comes.

What I'd like to see next week - Thursday will mark the end of my second week in Boulder, so excuses about altitude will begin to be less effective. My body should be adapted, I should be feeling more at ease at work, and will finally, after nearly two months of chaos, be able to establish a routine. I feel strong, but I also know that more time is necessary to get back into fighting shape.

Have a great week and enjoy some summer!

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