Sunday, May 8, 2011

20 miles - A flat, paved out and back from North Muskegon to the lighthouse at Pere Marquete beach. Started out a little fast(for me) at around a 6:30 pace  for the first 10 miles. I slowed up a bit once I stopped for a drink. Stayed around 7:30-8:00 minute pace for a little while. To deplete myself a little further, I ran the 17th mile at 5:45, then slowly jogged back to the car. It was a fairly challenging run, but mostly a good time reacquanting myself with the lakeshore and make at least one trip to the South Side beach before heading West in a couple weeks. As I approached the beach, I saw the city workers pulling the snow fences and clearing the sand off the sidewalks. Summer is one of the few things this town has left, and they're getting everything ready to shine again.

AM - 7 miles - Met up with Shelly for some stairs at Coast Guard Park, a 1/4 mile loop off all stairs, repeated a few times, plus the route out and back. Tacked on a few extra miles since I wasn't going to be running again that day

PM - 7 miles - Didn't think I'd be running again, but ended up going to Hoffmaster and meeting with Jason, Rick, Mark, Tony, and Ryan. Ran some quick miles with Jason and then cruised in at a good pace. Unexpected double for the day.

AM - 4 miles - Hiked with Sam at Muskegon State Park. Hiked all the deer runs and steep hills we could find, trying to prepare for the mountainous climbs in CO(we know this is futile, but any excuse to spend some time outside together is good enough for me). Shared some views of the lake and tested out Sam's new hiking poles. My calves were sore from the previous day's hill and stair work, so the hike was a perfect way to loosen things up.

PM - 2 miles - Ran from my house to Sam's for her birthday party. I carried my backpack with a change of clothes, a pair of shoes, a pair of hiking poles, and some other stuff. Mostly just for the sake of transportation.

AM - 5 miles - Did some trail running with Chad, taking it pretty easy and enjoying the weather

PM - 30 miles on a bike - bike ride with Kelly on the Kal Haven Trail before packing up my stuff and heading home. To further convince me that we're twins, we stopped and ate candy from the gas station midway, loitering outside next to our bikes while eating junk food.

5 miles - I was pretty tired from moving and the car ride home, so I did a quick 5 miler before the sun went down. Started the first mile fast to set the pace, wanting to do some quality miles since it wasn't going to be much quantity. With the help of my neighbor's chihuahua nipping at my ankles, the first mile clicked by at a 5:45. 6:00 pace overall for the run- alternating between 5:45 and 6:15s, almost to the second. Being able to run faster for short distances will either help me increase my overall pace for the upcoming ultra, or it will coax me into going out too hard and fizzling out. I felt great afterward and I hope to maintain that feeling until the days leading up to the race.

2 miles - Decided to be a family man this weekend. I'll have all summer to be selfish and spend my time on the trails, so I spent a saturday going to my cousin's soccer game, attending a great uncles 90th birthday party, and doing yardwork for my parents. By the time I got done working on the yard and in the barn, the sun was setting. Nice day though, and 2 miles of running(guesstimate - length of our 5 acre property a few times and chasing the damned horse that got out when I didn't shut the gate)

Having a 6 year girlfriend is like being married. Being married means two families. Two families means two mother's day celebrations. For those of you aspiring to be great runners - women are the devil. For those of you who want to be happy, complete individuals, relaxing and tossing some frisbee around with the family is a blast! I'm tapering for MTD anyway, its an excuse to rest and let the strength come back

52 miles of running
30 miles of cycling

This week started out good, but ended with abysmally low mileage yet again. From a running standpoint, it doesn't show much progress, but the strength I've found to return after my time off is encouraging. I, for some reason, would like to have seen a 100 mile week this week. I think running half that was probably for the best. I'm in better overall condition than last year's MTD, and all I'm looking to do is improve from last years mileage. Am I biding my time until I can spend the summer running in the beauty of Colorado, or am I just exiting a phase in my life where I'm obsessed with logging high mileage? Time will tell. Running is my longest standing obsession(rivaled my snowcross, motocross, and triathlon). Prone to boredom, I wouldn't be suprised if I started slacking on running, but I would surely be dissappointed. Maybe I could run, stay relatively fast, and leave the "r word" out of my facebook statuses.

This might be my last post before the 12 hour death shuffle, so stay tuned.
Good luck and move free.

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