Sunday, May 22, 2011

First (partial) week in Boulder

This week consisted of no running. I was wrecked all over from 77+ miles of pavement early in the week, so I just packed up and said goodbye to family. Once I finally arrived in Colorado, my legs and body had shaken most of the aches from Saturday's race. The only pain that resided in my body was in my left foot. The pain pretty much limited me to slow walking, which is tough when Samatha likes to travel by foot. I can barely keep up with her when I have two good feet.

 I tried being patient and letting the body heal up on its own. I know our bodies are capable of great things, but when this is type of topography is in my new backyard, all I can say to my foot is, "Hurry the hell up!"
Mount Sanitas, a natural area near the new abode.
We spent the latter days of the week doing a little exploring by bike and by foot. A little shopping, a visit to the farmers market, scouting to making sure I knew where my internship office is for tomorrow morning, and a little driving and hiking in the mountains filled the first few days for us in our new, albeit temporary, home.

I've stayed in contact with family and friends. It's entirely possible that we talk more now than we did when I was home. The adventure is a distraction, but its also helping me figure out who I am without the shroud of familiar surroundings. I'm out of semi-intelligent things to say, but I usually write a blog post on sunday night, so here it is.

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  1. I hope that you settle in and enjoy your Colorado summer adventure.