Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sickness be damned

3 miles - Ran to snow. It's April 18th and there's 3 inches of snow on the ground. The steadily busy combination of class/work/class/meetings has me going until about 10pm, so I'll use my day off to run some miles tomorrow. Still feeling sick, but I'm getting pissed enough to try to sweat it out.
4 miles - This cold is knocking the crap out of me. I slept nearly 12 hours and awoke to find freezing rain pouring down. I decided to go do 4 miles anyway. I'm dumbfounded. I can manage to string together 4 miles at an average pace of about 6:30 without much effort, but this hacking cough and fatigue keep me from logging any substantial mileage. The sick, achy feeling seems to subside while running, but I headed home when I couldn't feel my toes-my feet were so cold that I thought my toes were in the wrong toe pockets of my Vibrams.

fact of the day - this spring weather sucks mega ass.


5 miles - From my place to Asylum lake for a couple miles of trails. Not having run long in so many weeks has helped me forget how to go at "ultra pace". The entire run, including some technical trails and climbing a fence, was done at a comfortable 7:30 pace. It feels good to have some spring back in my legs, but I still feel a bit of fatigue, so doubles or hard efforts will have to wait some more. I'll do what I can on each given day and do my best. I don't have the ability or drive to run long during finals prep week, so it will help out scholastically. Planning a long-ish run with Jason Sunday, so , I'll rest up for that.

0.0x10^1 miles. Had a little too much fun the night before and missed the opportunity for a morning jog, which would have been my only available time. It didn't really bother me too much - it was just above freezing and raining...again.

5 miles - 1.5 hours of hiking in the trails at the state park with Samantha. We had fun on a rare sunny day, climbing all the big hills and following our own paths. Checked out the wildlife and enjoyed the views of the lake. We're both really excited to head to Boulder, but being perched on a tree branch at the top of a sand dune overlooking Lake Michigan reminded us that natural beauty is in our own backyard. Being away from the lake almost gives me an anxious, claustrophobic feeling.

36 miles - Achy legs? Chafed ass? Vibram KSO cuts on my feet? Showed up late and stinky to Easter? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Must be long run day. Started at the County Library in Whitehall and ran the bike path/rail trail to Shelby. Long, straight, boring, paved path. The Mind the Ducks 12 Hour is my next race, so I wanted to accumulate some time on my feet. The surface is almost identical to the 1/2 mile loop I'll be on for 12 hours, so it seemed like a good idea to spend 5.5 hours on it.

Yep, I drank a 44oz Mountain Dew Slushie and ate a pack of Zingers midway through the run. I was tremendously bored and wanted to do something to entertain myself.

This run was a bit nostalgic for me. I've been snowmobiling this route since age 6. The rail trail is used to connect different snowmobile trail systems near the lakeshore, and I can't count how many times I traversed this path with my parents and my sister over the years. It doesn't seem as long when your traveling over snow at 90+ mph. The trail is also one of my first testing grounds for aerobic endurance. I biked the trail(plus about 50 more miles back from Muskegon) while training for my first Half Ironman race. On my furthest bike ride to date, I ran out of GU and scraped enough money out of my saddle bag and buy a Sinckers at a gas station and deliriously ride the last 30 miles home. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned, and I gained some grit.

On the path also lies the remnants of Carlton Creek Ironworks, my father's former employer. When the plant finally closed, Dad was working three management positions with a reduction in pay in an attempt to keep the place open. He said there were too many good men working there to let the bastards managing the place run it into the ground. Every time I pass the building and smell the refractory dust, it makes me think of how he smelled when he walked in the door at 1am every day. I'm reminded that my father is my biggest inspiration. He's not too Internet savvy, so he won't read in print that despite all the great role models in my life nobody has ever taught me more about rolling up my sleeves and doing what needs to be done. Shoveling sand next to a cupola full of molten iron isn't glamorous, but it sure as hell put food on the table for my sister and I. Despite his efforts(and those of his co-workers), the foundry closed its doors. Since then, my dad's outlook on life has changed for the better, and I'm glad he's doing something he enjoys a bit more.

Total- 53. Not where I want to be, but I've never heard of anyone being happy after wishing in one hand and pooping in the other, so I'll shut up.


  1. Heres to a great week and as always I enjoyed reading about yours :)

  2. This weather has to go! Love the slushy picture!