Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go for 2x70 mile weeks? What the hell?

8 - Evan and I met up for a night run since we're both busy all day. 8 miles of essentially flat roads. We were blessed by the heckling of our shorts, along with the great scent of cigarettes from the scumbags outside one of the local "gentlemen's clubs." Makes me sick. Oh well, I guess we all can't be as cool as douchebag strip joint patrons.

AM - 6 miles - Al Sabo. Im a creature of habit I guess. Ran what I presume to be 6 miles. I left my watch(GPS or otherwise) at home, but I ran for just over an hour. Even on a bad day, I can crack 10 minute miles, so I'll claim six. The trails are opening up little by little, but still icy in spots. on the soft, pine needle - laden stretches, I could get into a really comfortable stride and power up the hills. Explored the east side of the preserve and found a cool short loop to tack onto longer runs. The squirrels are running wild all over the place. Call me paranoid, but I thnk they're plotting against me...kidding.

PM - 7 miles - little over a mile for warmup, then hill repeats on Oakland Drive. About 1/3mile hill. Not terribly steep, but running fast up it 6 times is about enough to induce vomiting. Tucked in close behind Joey and held on. Missed the bus, then jogged home.

...showing the utmost of class, I replenished my energy stores by choosing beer over actual food for dinner. The explanation to my horse jockey build are surfacing.

AM- 4.5 miles - Not feeling so great from yesterday's debauchery, so I ran an easy 4 around campus and the intermural fields. Traffic was chaotic, people all over the sidewalks. Why does the census double just because it's nice outside?

PM- 2.5 - A short fartlek on the treadmill to help motivate a client. She asked if I could max out the speed and grade of the treadmill for 1 minute. I did it, but my heels nearly touched the carpet behind the dreamill!

...Running less than 10 miles per day gives me an excess of energy lately. I'll take it as a good sign

AM- 4 miles- Easy run to Asylum Lake. It's a nice area, but really small and close to heav traffic. Great Weather, actually broke a sweat.

AM- 2 miles- Running around campus(seemed like I was running late for everything, but I had my Garmin on, so I may as well do something with it's bulky nerdiness).

PM - 4 miles- A nice, sunny run around GVSUs campus barefoot with Sam. My soles are tender from a winter of shoes.

0- slept, did a brake job on my car, prepped my road bike for spring, and just messed around a bit.

18 miles - Run at Cannonsburg with Jason, Mark, Rick, and Jeremiah. Maybe it was the rest from the previous three days of slacking, but this run felt pretty good.

56 miles on for the week. I'll take it, considering my terrible slacking as of late. Better luck next time.

...short on words at the moment. Have a good week!


  1. Good work! I actually mentioned to my husband the other day how absurd it was that they call them "gentleman's clubs" as nothing could be farther from the truth...