Sunday, February 13, 2011

failing to plan is planning to fail.

6 miles - left from home and did the arboretum loop + a loop around campus. Rather uneventful, but held a decent clip on the shitty sidewalks. Hoping to get another 6 in tonight, either on the dreadmill(no idea why) or outside in the dark.

...didn't happen. Found out I had to work in the morning. It was cold, so I wasn't exactly heartbroken.

6 miles - Afternoon shakeout at Al Sabo. The sooner I could get done, the more rest I could give my legs before the indoor workout tonight. I ran for 1 hour, but the total time out was closer to 1:15. Some sections of the trail had poor footing, so I got a decent workout at high cadence in. I couln't help but stop at the lookout spot to gaze over the treeline to the west as the sun, though still high in the sky, was beginning to come down. When looking off the wooden platform, one can't see any roads, buildings, or manmade structures. It lets me forget for a moment that I'm currently caged in a city, albeit a small and pleasant one.

8 miles - Indoor workout. 3 mile warmup downtown, then went inside for a dynamic warmup, some light stretching, and some jogging. The workout was pretty mellow this evening, but I still felt it. 8x300, 300m rest in between, with 2 extra laps after the 4th 300. Hitting around 5:20 pace, so not too shabby I guess. Thats about my goal pace for the spring 5ks, so I had better get pretty comfortable at that speed. 2 mile cooldown outdoors.

AM - 7 miles - Ran to Military Fitness, then found out it was running day. A mile or so of alternating between sprinting and walking. This was bit irritating, since it would feel better to alternate between sprinting and jogging. Slowing down to a walk hurts, especially when the rest of the sqaud puts the breaks on in a hurry(probably from being better at following orders than I). Then a 2 mile run, but I lost count and then just ran until everyone else stopped(I was in front, so I'll go ahead and assume more than 2). some pushups, some ab work, then ran home in the 4 degree temps.

PM - 5 miles indoor...again? Had some good times at the fieldhouse again with the running club. The running in there was god awful as I flopped around on the track, knowing I should be resing my achy knees(damned ITB is flaring up). As always, lots of laughs and shenanigans to accompany some running that is beyond my skill level. I was reprimanded by someone I assumed to be a school employee for not wearing shoes in the track. I borrowed Evan's sneaks, but my joints hurt so bad that I went down to my socks in hopes of the white foot coverings would throw off the shoe police. Just easy running today. Coach insisted we run inside due to the negative temperatures.

6 miles - Actually woke up with no alarm clock at a decent time. I ended up "running" my errands in the sunlight and really enjoyed it. To the bank, then put on a couple extra miles, then headed to Qdoba for a veggie burrito with habanero salsa, chips/queso, and a Mountain Dew. I was incredibly full, but still managed a decent pace for the 2 miles home. I guess it's like a mini ultra training session.

AM- 6 miles - Ran to Mil Fitness, but was actually awake on the jog there. I felt a little springy for once, which felt pretty good. Abdominal work for 20 minutes(no rest...ouch), then 20 minutes of running. Ran home, and was in a suprisingly great mood, despite a week of getting up at 6:30am at the latest. Must be the extra hour of sleep coupled with an Expresso Love GU.

PM- 4 miles- ran to campus to turn in a paper, took the back way home through the arboretum loop. Something about the run didn't feel right. I know I have to commit to training so I can be in good shape for spring, but I'll be damned if I don't feel a little guilty for making myself do things I really don't want to. Pretty slow as well. February's half done, then a few more weeks until the heat comes back.

12 miles - Did Abbey's long run with her since she was in town this weekend. I took the Garmin with me(for the first time in a few weeks) so that we could just run the backroads and know the mileage. A fun, hilly route on the country roads West of Kalamazoo. The 12 miler was mostly and out/back, but with a small loop at the end. Some curvy roads with some good hills(considering the general flatness of West MI. Leisurely pace, but going up the hills slowly put a bit more of an emphasis on power than grace and light-footedness. The weather was great. It felt good to sweat for a change.
4 miles- Sam and I woke up after a night out and went for a nice jog in the sun. She's trying out the new Merrell Pace Gloves, so we took it a little easy. She's a forefoot striker after years of softball, basketball and volleyball forcing her up onto her toes, so I expect her transition to go smoothly. I may do a seperate writeup on her transition, just in case someone might be interested in her story. The run went well; Sam had no pain to speak of, and even her Plantar Fasciitis stayed quiet(she's been struggling with it for a while). Good, relaxing run to round out a lackluster, easy week of running. I may go out for another 4-5 miler this evening, but I feel that the mere act of typing my intentions will thwart my effort.

Total: 64. (makes wanking hand motion over coming short on mileage)
A few notes from the week:
- Coming off an "easy week"- The hardest part of this week was getting the momentum going after a poorly planned week of rest. I was suprised by how rusty I felt after one low mileage week. Once wednesday rolled around, I felt no fatigue, no pain, and was in good spirits. It's funny how one's comfort zone can be found at a higher workload rather than lower.

- Knee Pain- Im slightly baffled here. At the end of my third "high mileage" week, I had run over 80 miles. Though I felt great, I decided to take a rest week to prevent burnout, avoid injury, and maintain a zeal for running by letting my body rest and grow stronger. Low and behold, I return to running and experience a twinge of Iliotibial band syndrome. What gives? I rest, running a mere 28 miles in one week, and then my knees decide to hurt? The conclusion that I draw from this is that too much rest can be as dangerous as too little. I was doing very little stretching and lots of sitting at my computer, which may have caused a little tightness in my legs.

- MT101 shoes- I'll be honest. I thought the 101 was a crappy upgrade from the 100. The heel collar tore up my foot, the raised heel gave me knee pain, and they felt heaver than my old trusty 100s. I then realized that all three of these things could have been the result of one modification I made to the 100s- I cut the heel off with my hunting knife. I had nothing to lose since the 101s weren't the least bit enjoyable to run in, so I cut the heel off of them as well. The shoe was instantly better for me.. The lower profile made it easier to prevent overstriding on the roads. The removal of the rear outsole not only made it lighter, but also allowed the upper to move more freely with my foot, completely eliminating the heel blisters. I use the shoe mostly for its stiffer platform. It makes it much easier to use traction devices on slippery trails.
Improved upon MT101s and the technologically advanced improvement aparatus.

New running club singlets. The more legit I look, the more obvious my mediocrity will be.


  1. That's not a hunting knife that's a buoy knife

  2. We're both wrong... it's a Bowie knife!

  3. What have you been using for traction devices? On my last run, my microspikes were slipping off my MT101's which was really annoying... It was 45F and the snow was obviously really wet making my shoes slippery. The previous couple times I used them, I didn't have that issue, albeit it was much, much colder.

  4. Ok, so I guess I don't regret forking out the extra money for Microspikes then. Im using YakTrax XTRs, which are nearly the same as Microspikes. The rear spikes slip off the back of the 101s as well. Pain in the Ass. I'm thinking of putting another chain on them to connect the front and back to prevent this from happening. Mine didn't slip off until I hacked the heel off my shoes. I can't wait until the only thing limiting traction is mud!