Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week of 1/17-1/23

11 miles- No double today. Im feeling a little under the weather, and I think my body agrees. I slept nearly 11 hours last night. Travelled back to Kalamazoo, did a little studying, and met up with Alex and the WMU running club. 2ish to the Rec, ran for an hour, easy 2 home. NB101s "do not shine on the road" as Alex commented on our shoes. Got in a couple loops as Kleinstuck trail and a couple hills, so it wasn't entirely just bumming around. Embrace the difficult sluggishness that is winter!

Damn, my foot hurts. Had to bail on 4 miles with alex. Strange feeling in my lateral arch, sort of like a bruise. It could either be some sort of soft tissue damage or plantar fasciitis. I guess time and some soleus stretching/trigger point work will tell.
PM Workout in the fieldhouse- 9 miles- ran to Reed for the warmup(2miles) then a few indoors. George Dales Prefontaine workout: 1200m, 800m, 400m, 400m, 800m, 1200m. Jog 400m in between for rest. Pickups for a few laps, then cooldown outside/run home. I figured it to be roughly 9. It was a great workout for me. The pace wasnt 100% effort, but it was just about right. I was able to climb back up to the final 1200m and kick the pace down to negative splits. Most of the workout was run between 5:40 and 6:00 per mile pace, so I was very pleased to not throw up all over the place. The dry air really makes things uncomfortable, but wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt is a welcome exchange for thermal tights and 1/2 zip.

AM- 5 miles- Ran to Military Fitness, but had to bring my day's worth of school stuff on my back this time. Indian run for 20 minutes, Light jogging, and some high knees/fast twitch stuff to prepare for Friday's diagnostic(self test to measure progress during the semester).

PM- Scrapped my PM workout due to exhaustion and being late for the Wednesday night group run. Im just recently a runner of enough base miles to do actual speedwork sessions, and now Im doing high intensity interval training 5 times weekly(speed workouts T/R and Military Fitness MWF). When I combine that with 3ish hours of sleep some nights, I've got a damned convenient list of excuses to whine about. Just tired today and let the winter doldrums get the best of me. I'll shoot for a 15 mile day tomorrow to put me back on track.

AM - 6 miles - Trail Shakeout with alex, around 50 minutes. We got a chance to get to Al Sabo to shake out some tired legs before another indoor track session. Going out there reminded me that I can't wait for some longer trail miles this weekend to get my head back on straight. Nothing crazy long, but enough to breathe a little cold, fresh air in.

PM - 4 miles - The warmup for our indoor workout ended up being my entire run for the evening. There was some sort of event going on at the feildhouse and the track was congested. We were going to proceed with the workout regardless, but were then told we couldnt be in there without ID. We've been doing workouts in there for 3 years, and never been asked for ID. Oh well, I had a study group to get to anyway. Still a 10 mile total for the day.

10 miles - Rough going today. Ran to Read Fieldhouse to meet Alex, Shy, Josh, and Jordan. Did a rather arduous 3 mile loop around campus, a 3 mile out/back downtown then headed back home. I found out later from alex that with a windchill it was about -4 degrees. This suprised me since I was sweating through my first layer of clothing. The jog was decent overall, but felt a bit like a chore to me. I was happy I did it, mostly for the sake of keeping the weekly mileage from slipping too badly. I shouldn't complain too much; the sky was clear and the sun was shining. I felt as though I was running with plywood laced to my feet- MT101s simply arent road shoes for me(not that it was their intended design, but they were the only dry shoe in my rotation).

5 miles- A little pressed for time, I managed 40-45 minutes of running. Left my place and ran to Asylum lake for a quick loop, then went back to head to work. Nothing amazing, but spent the bare minimum amount outside.

20 miles- 3 miles to the fieldhouse(took the long way), then joined in on an 11 miler with Alex, Joey, and Evan. Managed a 7 minute pace while taking turns reciting lines from all the good Adam Sandler movies. I felt like a real clown when I seemed to be the only one impressed with the pace(its all relative I guess). Good times and a solid effort. The difficult part came when it was time to take the long way home to get my desired mileage in for the day. I hadn't done anything long in a while, so I figure tonight would be a good time. I needed 6, so I took the Arboretum path and did a loop around one of the blocks in the suburbs. When I first parted with the group, I was having a really hard time turning my legs over, but eventually brought it back down to a decent pace again for the last miles home. The Tralgloves were a good shoe choice for the day, as more traction than my KSOs as needed, but the boots(MT101s) would have been overkill.

70 miles

2 weeks of consistent mileage? I'll be right back, I have to mark it on my calendar. Now I should do something rob Fort Knox with a slingshot. One more week like this, and I'll have actually completed a real 3 week training cycle. Reworking my plans and keeping the mileage at 70 per week has helped me place a more of a premium on quality and consistency than on high mileage and numbers. Like a baby trying to keep its balance, I have to slow down, re-center myself, and take things one step at a time. Im not ready for consistently high mileage, so having random 100 mile weeks every 6 weeks does more harm than good. Im sitting in a good place for the upcoming season, getting in some solid cross training, and focusing on more important things like school, relationships, and some ever important self-reflection. Lets hope I can get another 70 mile week in and go from there. If I can comfortably manage another 70 mile week, then I'll most likely try to add 1 or 2 miles per day to my average and aim to do 3x 75-80mile weeks. Hardly the numbers of a competent ultrarunner, but I (hopefully) never claimed to be one. Just a slacker who likes running long.

This week has been a good week of running, but something about it felt a bit artificial. I miss consistently running trails in lieu of roads and track, but sometimes I guess we have to maintain fitness in less than ideal conditions.

Have a good week, everyone.


  1. that whole post was puuuure michigan.

    also, it was like i was checking off boxes while reading it:

    -transition from all-trails to mostly roads has been tough
    -winter weather is beginning to grind (i have an almost constant cough from running outside everyday, still? yeesh)
    -weekly speed work has been new and interesting
    -mt 101's not so good for long road runs
    -upped my weekly amount of strength training considerably
    -doing my best to keep things steady until next race (Bel Monte 50)
    -shifting life focus towards things not running related for a change

    speaking of which, time for work.


  2. hey, good running buddy. always good for making me feel like a slacker...i think i'm closing in on 30 miles for the year-to-date. anyway, you keep it up and i'll be right behind you. trust me, no need to turn around and check...

  3. Pat- It's funny how so many of us are in the same place. This is something entirely new for me. This year is the first that I've focused solely on competetive running instead of running, swimming, biking, etc. It feels much better. Keep up the good work.

    Brix- Always good to hear from you! I may be heading to your town in the next few weeks, so maybe we should get a run and a brew in!