Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Recap: 10/18-10/24

A fairly boring week on the running front. Ran as much as I felt like. After the slightly disheartening experience at the marathon, it was a couple days before I truly felt like running. Some blisters from an un-broken in pair of FiveFingers kept me from running with anything on my feet for the majority of the week.
I was amazed at how sore I was following this race. Typically its one day of hobbling, then easy running the following day. Not the case. I attribute the extra soreness to a few things. The first is the pace of the race. I rarely(f ever) touch a 6:40 mile in training, and somehow managed to run 26.2 of them. The second would be the stomach bug that was present for the days prior and after the race. I wasn't able to keep food in my body prior to or after. It wasn't until about wednesday that I was able to eat and digest food. Lack of calories caused some weight loss and didn't allow for adequate recovery. I later found out that some of my family members and roommates had similar symptoms, so I guess it wasn't just me begin a head case afterall. I wasn't too worried because I don't have any immediate running plans, so rest after a rather busy season of racing and training goes totally unopposed by me.

zero. I did manage to run/walk the 3 miles to and from school, but it was pretty ugly
still nuthin'
3 easy barefoot with Alex at IM fields
5 around Kalamazoo, ended up downtown. Decent pace I guess. No watch
6 miles with Alex, Abbey, and Shy
Zero, felt sick and crappy, just rested. persistent little virus
0. Like saturday, but worse.
14 miles.
After adding this up, I realize what a boring week it was. No wonder I had so much free time!

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  1. That cold/virus is just the pits. Two weeks and I think I am JUST about getting back into a place where I feel I can "tootle" a bit more. I know this was last week and NOT this week... you know me, late as always.