Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekly recap 10/11-10/17

A fairly easy week of running, topped off by a humbling attempt at the marathon.

The taper went well, and it was as close to a conventional taper as I've ever been. Running about 4 miles a day, once a day felt strangely awkward. I never thought that such an easy workload would be so hard to handle. To be honest, I've always been very skeptical of those who claim to feel awful when skipping runs. I was always quick to label them as obsessed or compulsive exercisers. I suppose Im not too far off of that, but I still enjoy a day completely off of running once in a while(which seems to usually be about 1 day every 2 weeks or so).

I broke down and had to buy another pair of Vibram Fivefingers this week. My old pair of KSOs were too sorely missed, and I've found them to be the only model of shoe currently available that I knew I could run marathon distance in on pavement. I finally found a pair that fit perfectly with respect to foot length. 43 men's fits like a glove...but on my foot.

The marathon was a good experience, but I found myself to be slightly below my expected abilities, both physically and mentally. I still eeked out a sub 3 hour finish and a Boston Qualifying time, so I'll try to keep the bitching to a minimum.

Hey, I thought I posted this already, but here's how the week unfolded.
4 miles with running club, nice somewhere between easy and hard
Nada, a ride with Abbey to get my new kicks
8 miles- 7 with alex, 1.5 with Megan
4 miles barefoot with Abbey and Alex on the downtown course
3 miles with Abbey and Alex. Abbey rolled her ankle, so I gave her a ride home. Im all about making dumb decisions, but when it comes to other people, I'll play it safe this close to a race
5.5 miles around GVSU campus with Alex. Explored campus and hit the upper end of our race pace.
26.2 miles at GR marathon. 2:57:56. Race Report to follow
51 miles


  1. sick marathon time! awesome job

  2. It is a sick marathon time, especially as he WAS sick when he ran it.. I am just going to sit in the corner and contemplate my slowness. :) Slow is good...:)