Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekly review 9/13-9/20

This week of training went pretty well, even though scheduling, social life, and general lack of focus impeded things a bit. My inconsistency was well represented in the past few weeks, but I suppose it works for me. I tend to lose focus in the two weeks prior to an ultra. If I look at my weeks since North Country, there actually is a descent curve to my mileage leading into the Peace, Love, and 50 Miles race. This is mostly because high mileage weeks are essentially useless to me if they've worn me out. I try to focus on skill-based training in the week before taper week, which can include hills, form work, and some doubles/triples to practice the "tired legs" feeling at the end of a race. My rather limited training ability has my mileage limited to what I can stand. If I can improve my mileage threshold next year, I should be in pretty good shape for ultrarunning.
I managed a couple good workouts this week, including a fartlek workout(speedplay) that helped me get used to speeding up when tired. Since even a hilly city isn't a great approximation of trail running, I at least try to incorporate the physiological stumuli, which comes in the form of varying heart rate. Roads and Sidewalks allow me to get too steady, which is great for road running, but can be troublesome on a course like the Woodstock 50 that is without flat spots or even terrain.
Overall, the week was good to me. I had fun and felt more productive than last week. Getting into "school mode" has been a bit more difficult than previous years. This may be attributed to me being a true senior this year, with only a few courses for my minor left between my B.S. in exercise science and a minor in biology. I find myself at a crossroads as usual. I want to be a professional in the medical community, but I also want to see where running takes me. A professional running job would be great, but something more along the lines of product testing or recreational therapy would be a more practical and likely goal. Banking on my limited running talent seems like a foolhardy endeavor. We all know that guy-the one who trains like a pro, but clearly has modest talent and no modesty. I suppose I could just stay the course and use my studies to advance my career. The running will pay off on its own, whether its just for the sake of personal fulfillment or sometihng more. Im not dillusional, but a guy can dream. To ponder the possibilities doesn't make a person foolish, its actually the opposite. Here's how a rather sub-par week breaks down:
AM-nothing- overslept and rested from the previous 30 mile day. Not a great start to the week
PM-4 easy with Abbey
AM-9 - 3 warmup, 4 fartlek, 2 cooldown
PM- 3-  Warmup and 2.4 with xc team chased them down once for some tempo
AM- 4 easy with Alex
PM-3 easy with cc team with a couple hill repeats tossed in there
PM-10 with Gazelle wednesday night group
2 With cc team
AM-9-downtown loop
PM- 6ish with Jason and Shelly
ZERO- ankle felt less than solid after a tweak during a descent, so I opted to catch up on schoolwork and watch the football game. Possibly overindulged pre/during/post/post-post game. Rest felt good on the body, if you can call that rest.
AM-16 Alex and I did Abbey's long run with her. Nice out/back on the rural outskirts of Kalamazoo. Bonus tempo-ish mile to catch Abbey and Alex after some house key confusion.
66 miles

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