Friday, August 13, 2010

Catching up: 2 weeks of running and other minutia

This is a bit past due as this post pertains to last week.

The past couple weeks have been full of ups and downs. Since life is all about the highs and lows, I guess I can't complain. Nothing of great significance has taken place, but it may still be one of those times that makes us who we are. School has been rough, and running has been a source of both relief and anguish.

Feeling inspired from the Burning River adventure, I was ready to put in some hard mileage in preparation for my own ultra, the North Country 50 Miler. I had a perfect situation: 4 total weeks- 2 weeks of high mileage at a comfortable trail running pace, 1 week of relatively less volume but higher intensity(hills, tempo, very steep- almost anaerobic climbs), and one week of doing 2-3 miles a day for taper. This is a great training cycle and even follows some of the logical training principles I've learned in school. I returned with the mental energy, but was left totally "flat" from the weekend's festivities. I was achy, tired, sluggish, and physically drained. I couldn't figure out why- I wasn't the one who had just run 101.1 miles!

Well, apparently even my small effort(relative to the real heroes at BR) of pacing-combined with 3 nights of little sleep(I tend to get excited before big adventures) and a few very fast sprint efforts- warrants a rest week. I guess in retrospect, it was a few days of hard work(1 mile race, very little sleep, almost 13 hours of overnight running, drinking at the bar, and an all-out sprint for Jason's pink sandals).

So, as I found out, the week would simply not allow high mileage. I could have forced it, but I've learned that lesson a few too many times. I'm no elite runner- I require rest from time to time, and actually enjoy it. The week was far from enjoyable, from both a running and scholastic standpoint. My weekend, however, was a great time and I wouldn't trade it for the world. My cousin Sarah, who I'm very close to, had her wedding and the celebration was great. Mileage is as follows, grades will not be posted(nor will the pictures of my evil twin at the wedding reception):
AM: 8 miles(1:07)-did part of Abbey's long run, then bailed and went to class
PM:5 Miles(39min)- attended Wayland Road Runner's club fun run(very fun! great folks)
AM:5 miles(43min)-really crappy run at Al Sabo-NB100 cut me up, felt very dizzy
PM:6miles(50min)-downtown-ran by music festival enjoyed the atmosphere
Nada-enjoyed the company of friends and (new)family- My cousin's wedding rehearsal and dinner
Mas Nada- I should have worn my garmin to see how many miles I put on as a wedding usher
The previous evening's open bar made the next day "unrunable."
See what I mean? very uneventful week. My typical rest weeks arent even this low. I felt terrible about it at the time, but such feelings have since fled. Just a temporary loss of momentum.

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