Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekly Recap 3/23 - 3/39/15 : Bumps in the road

8 miles of commuting on the bike - in a t-shirt. Warm weather is awesome.

12.5 miles - 1:48 - +/-1253'  - Feeling super "meh" from staying up late the night before. The aforementioned research paper came down to the wire, of course. I drank some magic Vega Sports Pre-workout snake oil placebo powder (it might be legit - I don't care either way) and headed out the door with no real plan. The beautiful combination of having a GPS watch and having someone telling me what to do allows me to just run until I hit 50% of the prescribed distance, then head home. As usual, the run became more enjoyable the further I got from the really familiar area surrounding my apartment. I hadn't run away from the mountains in a while, so I took the Arizona Trail South. Some gently rolling and sparsely technical trails felt perfect for the slightly tired mood I was in. I got exactly to 5 miles on my Suunto, and was standing at a sign that said "Fischer Pt. Vista 1.2 Miles." I was supposed to run 10 miles, but I just can't resist a good vista. The rolling, open spaces quickly turned into a technical 1 mile climb to one of the more awe-inspiring views I've seen lately. Sedona is beautiful with its red rocks, but the midwesterner in me will always love greenery. All of a sudden, I've got a new favorite route from home.

8 miles on the bike again, to and from campus.

8 miles - 1:08 - 5 road miles to get Kelsey's car from the shop with her. I felt a bit dizzy and confused, so I went home with her instead of putting three more in alone. I grabbed a GU and some orange juice. I've been oddly prone to hypoglycemia symptoms lately, and some quick-acting sugar seems to perk me up. I think my eating habits aren't quite catching up to my running habits. Running at a "base building" or "long run" pace seems to decrease my appetite. Anyway, I felt better after a few minutes and cranked out the last 5k of the run in a little over 21:00.

8 miles of bike commuting to/from simulation lab, where I attempt to not kill plastic humans with weird blinking eyes.

11 miles - 2:00 - +/-2400' - Attempted long run was an utter bust. Kelsey had been having some cold-like symptoms for a few days, and I was optimistically thinking I could avoid catching it because I'm so healthy, what with my shitty eating habits, irregular sleep patterns, increased training load, and general tendencies to be sick often. I caught it, but thought I could grind the long run out anyway. "It will be good for me. If I can get through this, it will make racing that much easier and boost my confidence." As I drove down to Sedona, I was beginning to understand that doing a 19 mile loop on a trail this tough alone, trying to beat the sunset, was probably a bit foolish. After about 1 mile, I consumed most of my water and still felt dried out and exhausted. I trekked up the Wilson Mountain Trail anyway because it was beautiful, but surrendered the long run in favor of a leisurely hike. I wished Kelsey was with me, as these are usually our favorite type of outings, but I found some peace in the solitude.
As long as I kept the intensity low, I could sustain movement. Nothing keeps intensity low like taking pictures of flowers and shit. 

These views don't really get old. Trust me. I've been here like four times.

"Precariously and pensively sitting on a rock" photo: check. 

Rest day - Intended to be a rest day after the long run, but instead is was the peak day for this cold. It was convenient, since I had to drive to my clinical rotation anyway, which takes up a whole day in itself.

Should I even keep logging the bike commute? Seems redundant. 8 miles, though.

12 miles - interval workout - 4 mile warmup, to Buffalo Park/USFS trails, then 10x1min at 5k pace. This went surprisingly well, considering that being sick has consumed my life in the past few days. I think I'm on the mend. Workouts seldom provide a whole lot of scenery, but I really enjoy the experience of feeling my body run. Long, slow runs make me observe the environment, whereas more intense workouts make me observe myself. I like the balance.

9 miles - 1:15:00 - Just a cruise on some two tracks, some urban trails, and some sidewalks. Just one of those runs that had to be done. The route was decidedly not creative, but 8 miles easy is 8 miles easy. Some quiet time and a little exploring the outskirts of town. Worse ways to spend an hour certainly exist.

12 miles - 1:40ish - Although I typically do 10 day cycles, the Sunday night run usually makes me feel like something is coming to a close. Maybe it's something as simple as the term "miles per week" making me quantify and qualify my running and life accordingly. 8.5 miles with Kelsey around town and campus, then 3.5 alone on the mesa. The moon was bright enough to light my way without a headlight. When my eyes adjusted, the world became pale and surreal with only dark and black. It was different, or least my state of mind was, from the usual. Gratitude for being able to move like this was almost overwhelming.

64.5 miles of running
12.5 hours of total activity, all things included.

Enjoy yourselves and each other.

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