Monday, March 9, 2015

For the millionth time, I'm attempting to log things

...which is easier to do when I actually run.

AM: 7.2 miles, 1:13 - Flagstaff got hit with a pretty substantial winter storm, making travel by bicycle, at least the skinny tired variety I'm mounted on most days, a bit sketchy. This coincided with a desire to plow some snow on my feet. Earlier in the academic year, the thought of run commuting was stopped in its tracks by 1) laziness, 2) some strange notion that I needed my laptop, mostly because 90% of my class uses them, and 3) forgetting how valuable multiple runs per day with a backpack on can be. If I want to run all day, which is essentially what an 8 hour mountain 50 feels like, I have to go to bed feeling like I've run all day. I've gotten so soft in the last couple years, that I'm not only out of shape, but I'm no longer chafe-resistant in crucial places. I chafed during a half marathon. A half goddamn marathon breached the integrity of my supple thigh skin. That's unacceptable. The last straw. So, I'm run commuting every chance I get now.

PM: 5.64 miles, 40:00 - Hopped on the treadmill of my apartment complex's fitness center for a 20 minute tempo effort. I saw an article saying Sage Canaday suggests them, so I figured it would be something worth doing. 10 minutes at varying easy paces, then 17 minutes at 6:00/mile. Closed the effort with some 5:15 pace for three minutes, feeling comfortably difficult (that's the phrase people use when they lie about shit being hard, right?) Treadmills feel weird, so I don't know if this is really the true pace. Oh well, 10 minute cooldown and then shoveled the steps off again.

AM: 3.5 miles, 39:00 -  Up at 6am (okay, 6:30) to make a huge breakfast and digest it as I shuffled to class. The slush had frozen in place overnight, making for a a great opportunity to test the range of motion of my ankles in every direction possible. Of all the shoes I've received and purchased over the years, the pair I'm gladdest I keep around are my winter versions of the MT110. They're pretty much waterproof, which keeps my feet from getting soggy on these commutes. A classmate pulled over and offered me a ride. I was really grateful for her generosity, but declined. This was a subtle reminder that I might be weird. I'm not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed. It was well below freezing as the sun was coming up. Most of the time, I can barely scrape myself out of bed to ride or drive to class by 8am because I'm lazy. I'm happy to be feeling different this week, and I feel more awake when I get to class.

PM: Skiing at Snowbowl, 1200', 1:13 - Some vert with low impact, a high heart rate, and a rewarding glide back down sounded perfect. Really slow going as I took a new route and took advantage of the perfection of having such a wonderful place to be.

AM: 4 miles, +/-  ~1700, 1:37. Not our speediest ascent of Elden by any means, but Kelsey and I had a nice hike up and shoe-ski slip and slide on the way down. The snow and the warm sun gave a nice outing and a break from the "I have a day off but have a lot of shit I should be doing" stuff.

PM: Weight training 1:00 - Hit each muscle group a couple times in the gym. Weighted lunges (forward, left, and right) with curls, Chest press, decline sit ups with weighted punches, Leg press, lat pulldowns, tricep dips, and some core exercises. Wanted to squeeze in another run, but this tired me out.

0 of anything, unless I count walking around at clinical. I don't. That's dumb.

AM - 8 miles, 39:00 - Just a bike commute to a study session. Only had 25 minutes to get there since it was a last minute decision to go. Bailed on a morning of sun and snow for a study group? Maybe I'm growing up just a little.

PM - 5 miles, 1:30 - Mount elden run/hike/crawl. The trail was mud at the bottom, and knee-deep snow at the top. Frequent missteps had me falling almost up to my hip. It was fun in a frustrating way, but the only way to get stronger is to keep going. Another quiet, peaceful sunset on my favorite in-town route. It's literally right across the highway from a mall, so that's weird.

slow going, but it'"strength building."

Why do I think I'm exceptional enough to take selfies? Look around me or through me or whatever.

Wind whistling at the summit. 

Socks would have been a grand idea. 
PM 2 - 4.25 miles, 30:00 - Feeling a little obsessive over the 23:00/pace crawl, I thought I'd sneak in a little cruise on the treadmill. As much as I aspire to be some kind of mountain running extraordinaire, I really don't mind grinding some miles out indoors a couple days each week. The consistency in pace has to have some value as a supplement to stomping around in the snow or walking like a penguin over icy sidewalks.

AM - 20 minute commute to work on my bike.

PM - 20 minute commute home. I know. Lame.

PM 2 - 4.3 miles 30:00 - More easy miles on the treadmill. Mostly an attempt to wake myself up from a rather monotonous day in sales. The usual dance of warming up at 7:45 pace and cruising at 6:40 pace, then cooling down for 5 minutes at 7:30 pace. Afterward, weighted lunges, Bulgarian squats, bicep curl to shoulder press, and weighted back extensions. Something has to be done to counteract my newly acquired ravenous appetite, and some junk miles won't cut it. I've either entered training mode or acquired diabetes.

6 miles, 2:00:00 - A "run" up Bear Mountain in Sedona with Kelsey. The trail is largely steep and rocky scrambles with intermittent running mixed in. We were looking forward to a nice, runnable couple hours on rolling trails, but ended up grunting out ~1700ish feet of gain over three miles. The sun burned me up pretty well, but I suppose that's to be expected since my last run in the sun with no shirt on was in October.

Kelsey, off in the distance, probably being all pensive and stuff. 
Compared to Michigan, it's kind of a brutal landscape for recreation. I do love it though.

Only about 40 miles of running, but combined with skiing, weights, and cycling, I put in roughly 13 hours of training this week. Don't tell anyone who thinks I'm supposed to be busy doing other stuff.

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