Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Let's Just Call it a Taper or Something

Monday: No jogging in honor of Memorial Day. Awesome day on the lake with friends and veggie dogs and beer. Life was good on this day.

Tuesday: No jogging in honor of the anniversary of my birth. Life can change a lot in one year. As I get older, I'm learning to avoid words like never and always. It always gets better and it can always get worse. 26 was a good year.

Wednesday: Moving day. Just carrying stuff. No jogging.

Thursday: 9 miles. A bit of a strugglefest around Wall Lake. Held a decent pace(7:13/mile), but not without some stops to decide whether puke or not. Definitely an off day. After 5 miles of 6:30-40 pace, I had to fold 'em and chill out. I thought I'd use the hot, hilly roads to practice being uncomfortable, and uncomfortable is what it was. Stomach cramps; chafing of the, uh, crotchal region; getting sort of lost, which feels sort of how I feel now as I feebly attempt to use semicolons. Even the oatmeal can't help me.  Not a bad way to shake the rust off after a three day break.

Friday: Typical Friday excuse-o-rama.

AM: 6 miles with Kelsey and Kate at Yankee Springs. I really like this trail system and daydream about a long, self-supported point-to-point on the connected North Country Trail whenever I run there. The aim was for a long run, but Kelsey had been fighting a really nasty cold all week, so we bailed. Considering that we share close quarters, I pretty much plan on getting it too. Just in time for a double marathon. nice.

PM: 8 miles. Back at Yankee, with Evan and Ephraim this time. This was one of the most awful runs I've had in a long time. I felt like death 2 miles in. I felt as though I was cruising along (and we were, a little under 8 min pace with little effort), then I suddenly felt done. I couldn't keep my cadence up or my posture right. My best guess is dehydration and malnutrition. Whenever I change my surroundings (which has been relatively frequently over the last 2-3 years), I neglect to take care of fluids and food like I should. In two months, it will happen again, but hopefully for a little longer.

Anyway, a super shitty run to dash my confidence about the upcoming race. Shit happens. I've blown up and walked it in before.

No running (I see a commonality in these entries). A few miles of stand-up-paddleboarding and kayaking on the lake with Kelsey. She's definitely shared her cold with me.

23 miles. This is embarrassing, but only posting good periods is pretty douchey.