Monday, March 3, 2014

Shuffling into March

An interesting week. I'm slapped in the face once more with the notion that free time is like air(I'd say it's like sex, but I'm classy): It's not valued until it's gone. A 50 hour work week with a little school thrown in made for less jogging, but I've had lower weeks with an overabundance of free time. Motivation for a secondary goal(like ultramarathon training) is separate from life, but at the same time intimately entwined. People crush ultras while working time-consuming jobs, competing with dedicated mountain bums. Whether squeezing in workouts between work and picking the kids up, or logging 4 hour runs in the middle of the day, the victors in running and life are the ones who don't have time to be down on themselves. On one of my few runs this week, I tried to think of the pillars of a successful person.
-Internal locus of control

When I think about the most successful times in my own life, I often remember feeling like I was on a roll. Life was "clicking." I was busy, but time felt manageable. Instead of feeling like my goals were competing with one another, they were complimentary. I think many of us can agree that when life goes well, running goes well. Or is it the other way around? I'm mostly talking to myself here(because I need it and also because I don't post shoe reviews to draw people to this blog anymore), but my point is that the all-inclusive life is the one I'm after- live more, run more, love more, learn more, bitch less.

Obnoxiously positive self-talk quota: met.

35 minutes of easy jogging around campus. Work and school had me up at 5am and home at 6pm, so I shook out a measly jog. Not so much for fitness gains, but so I could have my back straight and my heart rate up for a while to make up leaning over a work bench.

...2 days of not jogging later.

7 miles: Treadmill hills + squats: 15 minute warmup, then 3x10 minute at 15% grade. 10 minute cooldown, then 3 sets of 5 squats. nice and tired after that. I realized I can't do an easy run on a treadmill. It has to be a sweaty, nasty grinder of a workout or I get bored and quit. When I'm on it I just sort of...think about running. Running in other places. Missing mountains. Looking forward to Zane Grey. Being terrified of Zane Grey. Why is airfare so expensive for Zane Grey? Mostly the "looking forward to" part.

My work gives us the lovely "option" of coming in at 5am so we can start the week off early. 4 hours of sleep and my 10th day of work in a row(don't laugh overachievers. I'm adjusting) put me in bed.

12 miles. Worked, made two huge burritos, took a nap, then went for a jog. 45 minute warm-up, then 2x15 minutes to get me back home. Not sure about any splits, but my watch read 1:22 from the door of the apartment and back. Mapped it out to an even 12 miles(6:45 pace). The way out was fairly easy, and the way back wasn't. I ran hard for the intervals. "Snot blown all over my face and jacket" kind of effort. I'm not going to get faster by looking pretty. Long runs have been a rarity this winter, so intensity will have to do until I get scared into doing a long road run.

Jury's still out on these Adios Boost, but so far, they're really great. 10mm drop shoes with plastic arches. Socks.
What am I becoming? 

Giving into weather and life-induced doldrums and sat around until it was time to go to work and watch other people workout.

23 miles? Shit. March had better be a good month for jogging.


  1. i loved those shoes! they were insanely expensive when i bought them here in Chile. how much are they going for in the States these days?? i completely agree with what you're saying about time management and how easy it all feels at times until doesn't. and you're like "how the hell did i have time for all that before?"'s bizarre ebb and flow. hope the weather is coming around! winter can't last forever, right? right?

    1. The shoes were like $140 MSRP! I got a bit of a discount, but still. Damn my eye for gaudy things that promise to make me faster effortlessly.