Monday, March 31, 2014

End of March

6 miles: 2 miles to the Rec. After 20 minutes of waiting for a treadmill, I hopped on for my 30 minutes of allotted cardio. There were three people walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes, each of them reading a book. I feel like a prick, but...come on.

Anyway, 2x15 minutes at 15% incline. Long hills are weird. My legs and lungs burn. Sweat runs off of me onto the treadmill belt. I huff and puff and grunt and gross things happen. I get light-headed. I shut it down, and feel fine 10 minutes later. My guess is that the pace being generally slower than running(if I can hold a 10min/mile pace, I feel pretty good), and utilizing a shuffle stride doesn't actually hurt the body too much, but gives the lungs a beating.  I'll try to get myself to the gym this month for longer climbs...maybe.

Followed up by 2x15 of weighted lunges to give the simulation of the eccentric contraction of downhill running. Upper body exercises after that. All the gym time this winter must be giving me a complex. I feel like a scrawny, pale, lopsided distance runner compared to bunch of fit people.

5 miles: The only jogging for the day was two trips to the library to print things. Though only a 10 minute jog, running as a means of transportation(and avoiding parking tickets) is fun when I have time. I'll be honest. I always have time.

9 miles: I set out for an easy hour, then decided to go to the track instead. It was sunny and the track is tucked out of the wind for the most part, so it felt less cold. 6x800 with 200m jog recovery. I decided to shoot for 3:00 per rep, but ended up sneaking them all in under 2:50 and the last one under 2:40. 20 minutes of a short hill loop after that, mostly because my legs still felt fine. My mind is thinking it's spring, but winter won't let go, as is evident by the frozen puddles on the sidewalk.

7 miles: Meandered to the SRC for some incline running and weights. I've been unorganized this week(shocking), so I haven't had much of a plan for resistance or speed training. On the jog to the rec center I decided just to do 30 minutes of continuous climbing at a slow as hell pace. Going really slow was kind of embarrassing at first, I admit. People would have to look past my purple shoes, dumb shorts, and sort of baggy v-neck shirt to notice that I was sweating my ass off at 15 min/miles for 30 minutes. The 15% incline is less evident. First 15 minutes at 15min/mile pace, next 10 minutes at 11min/mile, then speeding up to a 9-10min pace for the last few minutes. Easing into it felt great. After that, a short and feeble bout of leg press, shoulder press, lunges/curls, and leg lifts. blah blah blah I exercise, I'm so special.

I either ran for 30 minutes, or I just said I did. I can't remember. Ifelt gross and nauseous all day,

am: 10 miles with Kelsey. Stupid shitty goddamn snow all the time. A road loop. I still enjoyed it. She and I don't get to run together much these days, so I'm really grateful for it.

pm: 7ish miles. 2 to the rec, and 45 minutes of 15% on the treadmill. A slow pace(which got more and more difficult to sustain) for 1200m, and an 85-90% effort for the remaining 400m of each mile. Squats, one-legged deadlifts, lunges, chest press and rows after.

am: 20 miles. Met with Jeremiah in Grand Rapids. 18 around town, then 2 back at the house. Even got a stroller pushing mile with his son yelling "faster, faster!" First day of nice weather.

pm: 6 miles. A real recovery run. Just under an hour of running in the grass at the IM fields, some stair repeats, and barefoot running at the track. As is usual for the first days of wonderful weather, there were joggers everywhere. Pretty cool to see people outside appreciating a beautiful day. I tried not to think about tomorrow's return to a climate-controlled, sterile, windowless factory.

Total: 70 miles. One more week of this kind of volume, then it's taper time.

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