Monday, March 17, 2014

2 week catch-up

6 miles
I felt inexplicably great all day, but only slept about 4 hours the previous night. Debated whether to take advantage of the good vibes or rest the tired body. I then realized it was march and that I've been resting all winter. Shuffled to the Rec Center to lift weights, but it was closed. Oh, right. Spring Break. 12 reps on Mount Oliver would have to do. Some slick spots in the dark in 5 degree temps, but it got done. Legs and lungs burning and all that. The skin on my hands cracked and bled, ice hung off of my face, and my arms were swinging hard enough to give my chest a back a workout. I'll take it, and also a long shower.


7 miles - one hour run in the Sun around campus. Evidence that shitty weather has played a role in keeping me inside. I immediately got out for a run in the "nice" 35 degree weather just because it felt so great to not feel the stinging cold on my skin for a change.

4 miles - typical 4 miler from the apartment. Warm weather made me wish I didn't live somewhere with 6 months of frigid ass temperatures.

2hrs with Evan and Qdogg. Out and back in Grand Rapids to an arbitrary spot and back. The goal was a comfortable 2hr run, since these two are training for spring marathons. 17 miles(I think) In just under 2 hours means a moving pace of 7ish min/miles. I'll take it. My cynical side thinks that feeling good must mean I'm in shitty shape. The optimist in me thinks I should shut up and accept that a quick 2 hour jog felt pretty good.

25 minute recovery jog + 4 sets of squats. Just trying to beat the legs up a little bit more.

Total: 37miles. Okay, that's a little better than last week, but...shit.

A decent week, given a cold and some sleep deprivation. Excuses, excuses.

8 miles with Evan. Downtown Kalamazoo to Kleinstuck Nature Preserve, then through campus and back to Gazelle Sports. A classic loop that brought back memories from a few years ago. Hard repeats on the 1200m loop with Coach Dales and his stopwatch waiting at the entrance are probably the only reason I still hold any pep in my legs.

8 miles + Weighted stairs 15 minute warmup, then a short hill loop(about 2:30 per rep) for 30 minutes. 3 one way, then 3 the other, repeat. As much as I loathe/like the treadmill hill workouts of late, they don't quite suffice when targeting my weakness of downhill running. This has been evident since the Pike's Peak Marathon in 2011(9th to the top, 16th to the bottom) As far as uphills go, I can confidently say that I can hold my own. Good for me, right? Sure, but I'm not a hill climb racer. I need to turn around and give the legs a beating that only that braking eccentric contraction can provide. This loop provided that stimulus. Enough of a grade to give legs and lungs a test, and long enough to load the quads on the way down.

I also tried looking inconspicuous in the apartment building as I went up and down the stairs with a backpack full of dumbbells and books on my back for 10 minutes.

Shorts weather has given me the desire to go outside and jog. Given that I'm not sleeping much these days, it's good that I have motivation to get outside. I mentioned in my last post the need for momentum. I'm working 55 hours/ week and the jogging is increasing, not decreasing. I guess this is that momentum, and I'll ride it until burnout.


4 mile tempo. According to Gmap Pedometer, Cool Running Pace Calculator, and my awesome Timex watch, 4.4 miles in 29 minutes is roughly 6:35 pace. For some reason, I don't think I was running that fast, but numbers make me look like I know what I'm doing, so I'll leave them there. Got an email about Zane Grey today. Reminds me that I have to buy tickets and get a hotel and a rental car and put in the time off for work and work overtime to pay for it. Oh, and train. Gee, I have no idea why more blue collar workers don't take long expensive trips to exert themselves in their free time.

15 miles - 10 hour work day, but a nap fixed me up rather nicely. 2 hour run of what more or less hill was repeats. I found three loops that had 60-100' of gain/loss each and ran each of them for 30 minutes. It seems so sad compared to what some of the very my friends out west are posting, but I'm just not caring at the moment. I live where I live. Maybe someday soon I'll have a mountain paradise to play in after work or school, but I'm enjoying the early spring running bug and running short hills hard. I've had some good(for me) mountain races in the past on fast road training, and it's all I've got.

16 miles - Intended to run a marathon out/back course with some nice rollers on it, but felt blah and cut it down to 2 hours and ate two donuts while jogging. Felt shitty at the start, and then stronger as the run went on. It actually felt nice to have some stiffness and fatigue in the legs for a change. At least it feels like my body is adapting then.

Another 3[edit] miler with Cohen and Kelsey later in the day. Definitely the more enjoyable jog of the day.

Drove North to see the family for the day. No shuffling for this guy.

54 miles on this week. I'll take it.

See, I did a 90 mile week. It only took me 14 days.


  1. Since when is 25 minutes 2 miles?

    1. I thought that's what you said when we got back. Edit in progress.

  2. My favorite runs during my 90-mile weeks (spread over 3 weeks) are when my kids join me to train for the Bolder Boulder. The Garmin shows our pace going anywhere from 15:00/mile to 5:15/mile with slow jogs interrupted by someone yelling 'fartlek' and everyone sprinting to get away from the smell. Ah, the humor of 9-year-olds...