Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Ending 2/9

Hey, look, an exercise log. How nice.

5 miles + weights: A larger loop to get me to and from the rec center, with chest, shoulder, and tricep exercises. I'd say it was my first "real" strength workout. Prior to this, I was just trying to encourage the neurological adaptation that comes with starting weight training. Short workouts with basic movements. This time was a solid 45-50 minutes of free weights, moving in different planes and having to keep my body stable. The run was just a standard 20 minute jog on either end of the workout.

6 miles. Of plodding and wheezing and slipping at Al Sabo. Deep snow is losing its charm quickly.

4 miles + weights + rowing: Tried to take advantage of the clear sidewalks and ran at a quick pace to the rec center. Back, bicep, and legs resistance training. Doing "biceps" on their own seems like a pinnacle of douchebaggery, but I'll tell myself that the core and back have to be engaged during all of the exercises. 15 minutes on the rowing machine as well. The rec is so crowded that I have to fight the urge to freak out and head to the nearest exit.

8ish miles around Grand Rapids with Jeremiah. A nice jog at a good pace where we could find clear roads with little traffic.

1 hour of cross-country skiing. Classic style skiing on ungroomed trails is certainly a workout if I try to keep a decent pace. I wanted to make it my "long run," but my upper body was giving me little signs that I might be doing too much too soon. I managed to sweat when the thermometer read 0 degrees, so I'll call it a win for the day.

AM- 3 miles + squats. A little restless after my shift at work, so I did 100 "floors" on the stair climber at ~100 steps per minute. 3 sets of squats and some pull ups before eating. I'll call it a bonus workout.

PM- 4 miles. a quiet, peaceful run in the dark around town. I slacked around until almost 9pm before going out.

5 miles - "workout" - 1 mile warmup. 7:35. I forgot how running on a 200m track makes me obsessive over splits. There's a clock on the track. On the treadmill, I went with a 6x800m at 15% grade. Slow as molasses at 10 min/mile, but my heart was in my throat. It is what it is. Cooldown mile at 7:35 as well. pull-ups, uneven monkey bar things, and push-ups on the TRX strap dealies. Don't mind my technical jargon.

35 miles + weights + xc skiing. Nothing spectacular, but I managed to get my ass moving every day and get the intensity up. Something to build on. Same as with life in general, one day at a time. Make the building offset the tearing down.

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