Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ability and Desire: Week ending 2/23

Working in the fitness industry has its occasional perks. In my story, they aren't money, but people. Working with athletes of any kind is fun, but my heart leads me to those that seek health before performance. I gravitate toward those that need a more gentle approach to guidance in their search of a fitter, more disciplined self. Whether because they've made bad decisions in the past, someone's bad decisions have impacted them, or the simple and inescapable fact that time catches us all, there's always room to improve. To do better, feel better, and chase a better version of ourselves. Goals and obstacles come in many forms and many magnitudes. One person's 100mile race is another person's stairs from the basement to the kitchen. Honesty is what measures the task, not the opinions of others. We know in our hearts if we're challenging ourselves.

A man asked me for some advice on the topic of aerobic training for his cardiovascular health. We talked about his medical history, any diagnoses, and his schedule. We used his preferences and personality to find an outline of a week that works for him. He told me stories about why he decided to take control of his life, and I could identify. The blessings that come from helping a person like this are simple: I got to know someone. He told me about his life and how he wanted to improve it. I advised. I'd love to think he got something out of our talk, and I'm sure I did.

He asked about my life, telling me I looked like a swimmer. I told him about some of my running exploits and plans for travelling to find a home and further my education. Before he left, he told me about the importance of actually wanting to do such a thing. "Keep in mind that lots of people have the ability, but few have the ability and the desire." He explained that when he was younger he had the desire and not the ability, and that the inverse happened when he got older.

This man may think I was just being polite when I told him I enjoyed our conversation. My most sincere desire is that he understands my gratitude. I've been a little lost lately, worrying about where my life is going and what I'll do to leave this world a better place than I found.  For whatever reason, I seem to have ability. The most precious thing of all is desire. It can't be bought or earned, but rather has to emanate from us. I'd rather feel lost and keep looking than let the desire slip away. We have to keep asking what we can get(and give) from each hour, each day, and our lives. Getting the most from each day comes from receiving  and giving love without dwelling on it.

Sort of an incomplete thought, but I guess they all are. 

1: 6 miles. Kind of a blah workout. 10 minute warmup, then 10x400m w/ 400m rest. first 7 were at 15% grade, last 3 were 5% grade at 11mph(5:30 pace...ish). The last three were admittedly easier than I'd like, but steep grade of the previous reps wore me out. I did the last three fast so I could get to the library to study. Letting go of the numbers when running at a steep grade is difficult for the ego. I

2: Gettin' swole. Wearin' headbands, takin' swelfies on my swell phone. I'm periodizing the weight training, starting with a hypertrophic phase, then a strength phase, and finishing up with an endurance phase. Mostly because breaking things into small chunks makes it less boring.

10 miles with Evan and Rob. Easy out and back on some crowded streets in Grand Rapids. Warmer weather meant less layers and faster turnover. 7:10 pace felt pretty good, even after yesterday.

0. Very little sleep and waking up at 5am for work kicked my ass. Walked to the Rec center, then bailed when I felt dizzy. Food and sleep. I'm allergic to a full day in a factory I guess.

3 miles + workout. Kept the intensity up in the workout and rested less between sets, mostly because I was tired as hell and wanted to get home. Moving for 90 minutes and lifting still has to be good. I'd like to alternate days of "circuits" and heavier lifting.

1 hour. 6(?) miles around town. Through campus, then downtown, where I proceeded to slip on ice and land right on my ass with my feet up in my air. I fell so awkwardly on the frozen cement that I saw my own ass hit the ground and cut my calf at the same time. I'd be embarrassed, but I haven't got time to take myself seriously. Quick pace on the clear sidewalks, then marching through the knee-deep, sharp ice on W Main. Socks and longer tights would have been nice.
1 hour. 8 miles with Evan and Ephraim. Standard Piss Cave loop. This sunny weather with barely freezing temperatures is awesome. Makes me actually want to run again.

A rather quick workout before work started. 15 minutes on the track that got progressively faster(small tracks make me neurotic), then 15 minutes at 15% grade. I'm not sure if a new pair of shoes gave me a placebo effect, or if the questionable breakfast sandwich I had prior was giving me super powers, but the 15 minutes of uphill was done at the same pace as the 7x400m repeats early in the week. could be anything I guess, since Monday felt awful the whole way through.

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  1. Though your current work situation does not provide you with limo transportation and a gigantic car phone ala "Trading Places", the social interaction is a pretty nice intangible. I work from home with co-workers 2500 miles away, so have pretty much no personal contact with people all day. I do however have a gigantic car phone, so that partially makes up for it. If only I ever drove anywhere...

    I am actually a physical clone to Michael Phelps in terms of height, weight, and wingspan, but don't recall ever being asked if I was a swimmer. Thanks to my running habit, I'm more likely to get "cancer patient" as a description for my physique.

    Hope the less winterish winter weather keeps up. Nothing like a little sunshine to get the running motivation back!