Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week ending 1/26

Pretty standard stuff. A log for logging's sake, so I feel motivated to get out, or in or whatever.
AM: 4 miles. Loop around campus to see how my legs felt after an overdue long run. Hardly any soreness at all. I could feel the longer effort from yesterday(and being a little hangry) raising my heart rate, so I took it easy.

AM: 6 miles. About an hour at Al Sabo in the morning. My phone said it was three degrees. 3 layers on the bottom, 4 on the top, and a fleece hood kept my skin from stinging, so it's all good. A really mellow morning cruising the trails and stopping to sit for no reason at all, other than to watch my breath float around and crystallize in the air. The footing was great, and I had the place to myself. This place isn't particularly hilly or challenging, but it feels big and has a "home" feeling for me for some reason. I think I'll make the short trip there more often.

Obligatory phone piture from an "overlook."

PM: 6 miles. A Sunny day made the single digit temps feel pretty bearable, so I took advantage of a scheduling mishap and went for a loop from the apartment. The packed snow and cleared sidewalks made it feel pretty easy. Already paranoid about losing motivation. If I can only have about 90-100 more days like this, I'll be all set.

I also carried some kettlebells up some stairs at work. That's got to be good for a mile or two.

Workout-ish day. 15 minute warmup on the treadmill, then 3x10 minutes at a 15% grade, 5 minute rest on the treadmill. Short cooldown, then leg press, chest press, and upper back exercises. These short workouts make me feel exhausted. To think that I used to do this and swim workouts 4 nights a week probably explains why I used to look and feel more fit. Growing old is getting old already. 5 miles, then? Sure. Five miles. That's probably a flattering estimate given how slow I climb.

10 miles with Kelsey around town. A few inches of snow fell last night, so some sidewalks weren't clear. Most were, so it was fun. A mostly cloudless sky made me feel warm and lifted my spirits, even if it was 11degrees. Am I really one of those sun-worshiping people?  Oh well.

5 miles - workout-esque activity. Ran to and from the rec center, did a little jogging to warm up, then high resistance on an AMT. Not a horrible experience, but, meh. It's the gym. Back and biceps resistance work also. Starting with what shreds of muscular strength I used to have is humbling indeed. Doesn't take long to get fatigued with low rep/high weight exercises.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty much off. Racquetball and a staying moving at work provided enough stimulation to allow me to sleep.

36 miles with some workouts and resistance training.  My body feels good, so I'll take that as a sign that I need to go slightly harder, but not crush myself. 

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