Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week ending 1/19/2014

Attempting to not even estimate miles this week as a way to encourage a "quality over quantity" mindset. I've been trying to let go of mileage as the only way to determine fitness. This week had some decent workouts, a long run, and some fun, so I guess it's all good. I did manage to actually run every day, so that's something to celebrate too. The notion that Zane Grey is actually drawing closer, to the point at which I should start training, might have spurred me on a little bit as well.

Monday: 1 hour. 9 hour orientation for work and some pathology reading kept me from doing the ultra distance run I obviously would have done. You know, scheduling conflicts and what not. Okay, it was a pretty standard run, and that seems to happen regardless of how busy I am. 2 miles with Cohen around campus, then a 4 mile loop alone.

Tuesday: 30 minutes with Kelsey and Cohen. Surprised my work orientation ended early.

Wednesday: 45 minutes. 5 minute warmup(I had already walked 20 minutes from the apartment to the Rec Center, so I cut the warmup short). 35 minutes at 15% grade on the treadmill. Tried to get progressively faster: 4mph for 20 minutes, then got up to 6mph. Christ, I'm slow. I feel incredibly awkward on a treadmill. It's not a bad thing I guess, but I wish I had another way to do continuous climbs without it. It's also hot and stuffy and crowded. I think that maybe adding it to the weekly routine(I use that word so loosely that it has no value) could be good. Steady climbing, heat, forcing myself to focus, and then briefly hitting the weights after could help me strengthen my body and feel fit again.

On another note, I can't seem to even step into a gym without being ravenously hungry afterward. Shoulders/arms, legs, and core exercises for 15 minutes, combined with the "Mount Treadmill" run made me hungrier than I've felt in quite a while. I'll take that as a good sign.

Thursday: 55 minute progression run. 28 minutes out on some pseudo-dry, hilly roads out into more rural territory, then a negative split return trip by about 4 minutes. A really fun, (seemingly)effective use of an hour. Knowing I'll have to run faster on the return trip encourages me to do a decent job of easing into it and saving some gas for the second half. My legs felt pretty peppy after yesterday's climbing effort. Reminds me that climbing doesn't really produce much soreness. Descending, on the other hand...

Friday: 1 hour. 20 minutes with Cohen, then 40-45 minutes by myself. 15deg felt really cold this evening. Nice and easy pace, even though I felt pretty strong. I guess that's what "nice and easy" is for.

Run 1: No idea. 40 minutes? Kelsey, Cohen and I goofed around and ran the trails for a while and had burritos afterward. Good company, being outside, and mexican food. Bliss has no need for quantitative measurement.

Sunday: 4 hours. A rather last minute(I still haven't got a work schedule hammered out yet) jog around the streets, unplowed sidewalks, and trails. This jaunt went much more smoothly than expected. 3 loops centered around Dave's house, which was used as an aid station, fully stocked with beer and muffins and sour gummy worms. Didn't feel completely depleted at the end, which makes me feel a bit more confident as training ramps up.

530ish minutes on my shoes this week. Resisting the urge to do the math and estimate miles. Must. Not. Quantify. Distance.

...Okay fine, I'll compromise and assume 10 minute miles. 53 of them.


  1. interesting what you said about lifting and being hungry. i have noticed the exact same thing when i go a month or so without going to the weight room. what's going on with that?

    1. I have no idea! My totally unscientific theory is that when I'm *only* running, my mind goes into a "get lighter and more efficient" mode, as described by Bernd Heinrich in "Why We Run." When I decide that it's more logical to be strong and sturdy than frail and fast(and then start lifting), my appetite increases. Dropping 20lbs and being asked by more than one person if I'm okay may have had something to do with it. I like eating more, and the lifting reminded me how much I like that tired feeling afterward.