Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week Ending 9/1:

Sick. Not sure whether allergies or a nice end-of-Summer cold got a hold of me, but it isn't awesome. I was feeling congestion, drowsiness, and airway inflammation the day before(and all day during) the Pictured Rocks run, and it's been the same for a bout a week. It nearly escalated into a full-blown asthma attack, but I've learned to calm down and keep my breathing under control to keep the mild freakouts at bay.

The coughing remains, but my energy levels are returning to normal. I didn't run a single step between last Satrurday(47 mile PiRo run) and Friday.  Between falling a bit ill and starting school this week, I've barely noticed the absence of running, aside from spending significantly less money on food.

Off. Going up stairs at a library nearly required breaks, so I kept my bitch ass off the trails.

4 miles - A nice beer run with Evan in GR. Totally estimating the distance. Bellies full of Ethiopian food made for a rather uncomfortable and slow run to Founders, but it was still fun. What better way to return after a layoff than jogging in 90degree heat to a brewpub?

7 miles - Trail run with Mark, Rick, and Ryan. Cool weather and a familiar run was quite awesome.

Driving, kayaking, other general out-of-doorsiness and no running.

So...11 miles. One week. Aren't you glad I took the time to update this?

Im going to parlay this incredible feat of human performance and sign myself up for the Woodstock 50 mile. What do you kids say these days? You only YOLO once.


  1. Okay, you didn't have much running to write about this week. File this blog post under "fake it til you make it" :)

    Your YOLO comment reminded me of how Judah Friedlander refers to himself as "The world champion of the world". Redundant, yet redundant.

    1. That's the plan, sir! might as well get a good feel for "cruising pace." Better than sitting on the sidelines until I feel "in shape," because one never does.