Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Jogging, Less Blogging

The first part of that title is misleading. Very little jogging has taken place since the since the Woodstock 50 miler on the 7th of September. No runs over an hour, mostly hilly routes at the state parks on the lakeshore. The extent of "training" was a 100 mile bike ride with Ryan and a speedier(it felt speedy, but I was quite hungover) hour run with Evan.

This week, however, had an interesting turn of events.

6 miles - Trail/hill loop repeats with Jeremiah. We both had less than an hour to run, but wanted some quality, so we took to the trails near campus and just ran a technical, hilly loop at a respectable pace. Very enjoyable to get the heart rate up after a mind-numbing day of math and sociology.

6 miles - A solo run at Muskegon State Park. A loop around the lake, up a ridge and over to the sand dunes. A little less than an hour of jogging and checking out the views on the trails(someday I'll get a watch again).

...oh, and instructing water classes. I forget that that's exercise because I get paid for it.

Felt blah, didn't feel like jogging. Settled for some core work and some homework.

3 miles - Quick run at Hoffmaster before work. Parking lot over to the stairs for a few repeats of the 200' climb to a view of Lake Michigan. I really do live in a beautiful place.

Cleaned out my cluttered menagerie of shit from my car. I've been basically living out of it since bouncing around between cities for school and work has me needing a wide assortment of shit...and coffee cups...and Taco Bell wrappers. Okay, I'm a slob. I had been living out of it, and I needed to live in it for the night. About as last minute as it gets, I was able to make it to the Hungerford Games 50 mile the next day. Car camping in the Outback.

50 miles - Hungerford Games 50. A new event, this one had a pretty small field. A small crowed milled about before the Sun went up, then we took off. I planned on taking it easy at the start, no matter who took off ahead of me. I told myself that I'd either play it cool and reel them in, or not. As it turned out, nobody took off fast. I ran ahead of the pack and never got passed. I have no idea what my splits were, as I only had a crappy digital watch on me. I started it about 6 minutes after the start, so I was quickly flustered by trying to do the math. Oh well. Just run.

I must have learned a thing or two from my nutrition/hydration blunders at Woodstock. 2 to 3 GUs per hour, emptied the 16oz water bottle between aid stations, and a cup or two of Gatorade at each aid station.

Anybody else ever have foam come out of their armpits when they run?

The event was really well done, and I expect it to grow. It's a surprisingly nice course, albeit flat and sandy. The route is either on gravel roads, sand two-tracks/powelines or the occasional asphalt road. The flatness made it conducive to a fast time, but beat me up more than singletrack.

I shuffled in at 7:12 for first place. I'd have loved to crack 7 hours for a PR, but I can't expect any kind of flatness to compensate for my rather unmotivated training. All in all, a great day. My Dad got to see me finish an ultra for the first time, I explored a new place in my own backyard, and a girl met me at the finish with a beer. Life is fraught with trials and tribulations right now, but days like this make me feel quite fortunate.

3 hours of Kayaking, which worked well because I didn't want to move my legs. At all. A "real runner" would do a shakeout run. I did this:

Total: 65 miles.
It must just be a habit to log miles I don't exactly quantify my weeks in terms of distance run any more.


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  2. (take 2 - internet gremlins)
    Congrats on the win, and in front of your Dad as well! You seem to be in a bit of a racing groove - better get looking for an October race before the mojo wears off.

    I'm doing a 6-hour 'fun run' at the Boulder reservoir, hoping to get my own racing groove back. I haven't had a satisfying ultra finish in a couple years, so figure jogging on a flat loop course, though boring, may give me the best chance for a well executed race. Can't decide though whether to jog 5 loops (36 miles / 10min-per-mile) or push for 6 loops (43 miles / 8:25min-per-mile). Damn ego is setting me up for a fall...

    BTW, have you been following what my ex-fellow-Philadelphian Rebecca Schaefer has been up to? Could be a fun early-winter race option:

    1. I literally just switched tabs from a conversation with Rebecca on facebook to this post. The world is too small, isn't it? Rebecca and I became super ultra mega superstars when we graced the back page of Ultrarunning together in 2011. Been friends since 2010 when we were the babies of ultrarunning.

      That run at the Res looks cool. you're right that a flat run, though boring, can get the mojo back. I needed the tune-up for remembering to eat and drink regularly. Best of Luck, David. I enjoy your comments on here all the time.

  3. I too am a running uber-celebrity, having once been featured in a 1/2" picture advertising the Lower Potomac Marathon in the back of Runner's World. That's the kind of notoriety you can expect for winning the Canadian/Masters/Clydesdale/Giraffe category in a race with over 85 other people...

    1. This is why we have to blog. Our millions ofTwitter followers need more than 140 characters.