Monday, August 12, 2013

Week Ending 8/11

Another week in the books. No real breakthroughs on the training front, but rather steady volume increase and a couple good workouts. Wait...steadiness and real workouts are breakthroughs for me. Oh, the joys of slackerdom. Setting the bar low is the key to success, I tell you. Cracking 50 miles for the week, though quite pedestrian for the average ultrarunner, helps me feel like I'm contributing to my fitness not just drawing from base fitness to get me through.

Monday: No running, but core work and a 40 minute bike ride. No fancy lycra-clad cycling, just the long way to the bank to deposit my big fat shelf-stocking paycheck.

Tuesday: 11 miles. Water exercise classes, then high-tailed it to Yankee Springs for a night run with Kelsey, Joe, Erin, Lauren, and Shawn. A fun, low key effort in the dark for no reason other being asked to join. Driving from one's night job to a night run, only to get home at 3am and get up at 5am for the morning job is hardly a reasonable thing to do, but coffee cures all(temporarily). Laughs, tweaked ankles, empty Red Bull cans.

Wednesday: No running again. Tired from the sleep deprivation. Since I'm not training for a 100mile death march this year, I'll leave the zombie running to others. Push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and planks because my latest theory involves using upper body muscles to a)help keep the core strong to run well and b)look less gross while shirtless.

AM: 10(?) miles. Up before dawn to meet up with Evan for a track workout. 1 mile warmup, followed by: 2 mile tempo(12:30ish), walk/jog recovery, 8x1000m(3:32-3:45) with 200m rest interval. I loved this workout. I tagged along with Evan's workout, but this happened to feel really appropriate for my purposes too. 6 minute pace isn't incredibly tough, but still has applications for someone like me looking to run a hard 50 mile on a flat-ish course. I don't plan on any running at that pace for a 50, but I do want my cruising pace to be as fast as possible. I felt good for all but the last interval, where Greezy dropped me like a sack of crap and I held on to shuffle in a 3:45.

PM: 3 miles. I had some time between commuting from Grand Rapids and starting my aquatic classes, so I stopped at the State Park for a quick stair session. 3 repeats on the stairs with a mile each way to and from the car. I'm not sure which is harder: keeping the legs turning over for "running" the stairs, or high-stepping and powerhiking them. Hopped in the car for 4 hours of water exercise.

Friday: No running...again. No real excuse here, but felt like some strength work and some rest would be better. One legged step ups onto my tailgate, pull-ups, and push-ups. With all the credentials and superfluous acronyms and bullshit I've acquired with exercise science undergrad, I still like basic workouts. I guess if I was a desk jockey, I'd seek more variety. Wood splitting/stacking, dragging pallets at work, and doing water exercise keeps me in enough variety, so I like the idea of simply adding basic resistance training. Maybe it's just my aversion to whey protein chugging "fitness factory" bullshit.

AM: 16(?) miles. Another impromptu jog at Cannonsburg with Kelsey. Set our sights on 3 hours, but fell short because we're both late for everything all the time. Easy pace, but no real stopping to speak of on all the hills the ski resort loop and the state game area had. One charge up the chairlift hill for good measure. I really love running at this place, and wish it was less than one hour away. If I run next to a chairlift, that's like running mountains, right? A solid long run with good company.

PM: 3.5 miles. Regular out/back from home. Nothin' special, just enough to round out the day. My legs felt surprisingly good.

AM: 3 miles. Not quite a run, but I covered ground on foot and got sweaty. Sand dune hike with Samantha at Muskegon State Park.
Ankle-deep sand for an hour or so.
PM: 8 miles. A flat and relaxed, but faster, run from home. Warmed up, then whittled the pace down to a 5:50 mile. Slowed a bit to cool down, and did a fartlek back to the house. Finished up with step ups on the tailgate again. May as well ride this "functional fitness" wave while it lasts.

54 miles. Hey, not bad considering the 3 days of not running at all and no real long run. Even typing this silly blog is starting to feel good again. The balance that I struggle with mentally seems to be achieved at the moment. It's not a selfish, stupid activity I often mistake it for. It's a way for me to clear my head, spend time with great people, and push myself while I spend time outdoors.

Have a great week!
actually from last week, but I like the picture. Thanks Ryan.

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  1. Good to hear you've got your zen on! 54 miles with workouts and cross-training is nothing to sniff at. Doing so in an unstructured and social way is a nice bonus.

    Following a failure at the Telluride Mountain Run this past weekend, I need to figure out a way to get my mojo back. I haven't really done well in an ultra in 2 years, and have disintegrated in my last couple mountain races. A bounce back race (on a flatter course) seems like the way to go, if I can somehow slip out for some weekend long runs without my wife noticing that I've continued my training.... :)