Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monday: 5 mile tempo, sort of. As with the rest of the country, it's hot as two rats humping in a wool sock. 4 miles at a sub 7:00 clip, then a jog/stagger home to chill in the classy above ground pool. Even did some pool jogging for shits and giggles. That's a figure of speech. No pooping in there.

Tuesday: mmmmmnope.GRE test took me right up to work o'clock. Pool exercises only.

Wednesday: 6 miles. A great jog in the sauna that is Hoffmaster with Jofuss and Queez, my two cousins with awesome nicknames I change every day. 3.5 miles of rolling hill trails at an easy-ish pace, then the trail to repeats of the 200' stair dune climb. Soaked in sweat.

Thursday: Beach day with Sam before work. No mas corriendo. Nearly perfect. Sun, salad, beer, girl. Really grateful.
not a fantastic shot, but you get the idea

Friday: 7 miles. After getting up at 5am for work then hanging out at the hospital for observation hours, I meandered to Ferrysburg for the Friday 5k. 12hours on my feet and a humid 5k made for a lackluster performance, but I was surprised to hold a low 6:00 pace on a hilly course with lots of suicide turns.(not super hilly, but lots of bridge crossings. really fun). 4 mile warmup, zero cooldown.

Saturday: Working for money sucks. Lifting, stacking, carrying, pushing and pulling pallets of generic soda by day, aquatic exercise instructor bynight. 10 mile bike ride was the only supplement to the workday. Did it some of the best veggie fajitas ever so it was a good day.

Sunday: 12 miles. Hot, flat, dehydrated run after my shift ended. Im kicking around the idea of a road marathon next month, and wanted to see if I could do a 1.5 hour run at a somewhat acceptable race pace. Samantha came along on her rollerblades(which explains the unsavory bike path. Terrain takes a backseat to good company).Started out real slow to warm up, then hovered around 7:10 oace. After a few accelerations, it finally dropped to a 6:50ish pace. I was sweating profusely and breathing like a stuck hog. Sam hadnt eaten all day, so we took a break and ate fries. Getting going again hurt even worse, but it happened. Instead of holding a steady pace, I just alternated easy(7:35ish) and hard(6:15ish) miles. I found out later that it was 90 degrees, so that bolstered some confidence, but...damn.That was uncomfortable. Given that my 25k and half marathon have been 6:20ish pace with a decent recovery, I might be able to pull of a full in the 3 hour range.

Wow. Nice 30 mile week. Im sure a full marathon on such half assedness will be interesting.


  1. very psyched that you're back. i was nervous we had a dead blog on our hands!

    bienvenidos y que te vaya super en el trote!

    1. Gracias, P dogg. Your blog made my blog feel bad, so I resurrected it!

  2. Jesse, which marathon are you semi-training for? And more importantly, are you going to be at NCR again this summer in some fashion? I'm planning to do the full 50M again this year, and hopefully won't end up in the hospital with Rhabdo again this time!

  3. Bailed on the Marathon in Beulah that goes around Crystal Lake. Just didn't really want to beat the shit out of myself on pavement.

    More importantly, I'll probably be up at NCT in some capacity. If I can finagle an entry, I might do the half or full marathon, or join some poor soul who asks for a buddy for the second loop of the fifty. I'll at least camp and hang out with some friends who are running it. It's a pretty cool race, I just forget to sign up for it :)