Sunday, May 19, 2013

3rd Week of May

6 miles - Just a loop around home, nice and easy, then worked into a bit less shuffly pace. Flat, flat, flat. Creeped it down to a 6:30 mile without pushing it too hard. Maybe the 25k was a nice little tune up.

AM - 4 mile out/back from home. Again, started out slow(about 7:40 for the first mile), then slowly picked it up before cooling down. Just nice to shake the legs out before my 1hour commute followed by 4 hours of sitting in a lab.

PM - 3 miles - had a few minutes to kill before going into work, so I did a 20-ish minute jog at Hoffmaster. No warm up. Frustrated by the fast pace of a Summer physics course, I just ran hard for what little time I had and hopped in the car.

4 hours of water classes to follow. Feeling the need for some volume on the legs, but I have to relax and remember that I already know how to run slow.

8(?) miles. Afternoon track workout with Evan. Whole thing from start to finish took less than an hour. Ran to the track(300m asphalt), 900m(3:15), 600m(2:10), 300m(0:59) with 300m recovery. Watched Evan knock off another 300m in 0:56 while I held back dry heaves. I'm still adjusting to the new schedule/perpetual despair of Summer classes, so I forgot to consume more than a cup of coffee and a box of raisins all day. Well-nourished or not, this workout felt pretty difficult. 5:40-5:50 min/mile pace, even for these short intervals, felt bad. One doesn't get fast by wishing they were faster, so I'll shut up and keep at it.

rest day, other than the aqua classes.

11 miles - several hours of homework, then a jog from home. Cut down to 6:30 ish pace until mile 8, then shuffled home. nothing too special, but running until I was tired felt good.

16 miles - Beach run with Mike in Grand Haven. I had a pre-existing blister that I definitely should not have run barefoot on. Never ripped off, but filled with fluid and altered my gait. Kind of gross, but it turned out fine.

10 mile bike ride with Sam in the afternoon

5 miles - 1 mile warmup, 3 mile tempo, then 1 mile of 30sec hard/ 30sec easy, then a walk cooldown. Hot with a plague-worthy amount of insects swarming around.

53 miles. As feelings of academic incompetence crush my soul, I'm glad I have running blow off some steam. Being "right brained" has never been so frustrating as in this physics class. Fuck it.

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