Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2/25 - 3/10 double week wrap up

The past two weeks have been scanty on the running front, but still fruitful. It's hard to put my finger on it, but I feel eerily calm and more confident that I should. I look back on my best races, and I realize that I may have been being nostalgic when it comes to my "consistency is most important" philosophy. The Summer in which I won a handful of small races was preceded by lots of running and workouts, but also lots of "wishing I was more motivated." I would go two or three days without any real jogging, but hook up with the running club for track workouts. The long adventures with Jeremiah and Jason also happened at least monthly. I'd never been a higher mileage runner until last Summer, because I thought it was the next step to getting to that next level. Lo and Behold, I tanked at both my hundos. In retrospect, I was in great trail/mountain marathon shape. I could run fast for 4-5 hours on very little food without crashing. I was hitting fast times on the track, and getting in a fair amount of doubles. That, in my newly formed opinion, is fantastic marathon-50k shape. This newly found "weekeend warrior" approach may be a little too far in the other direction, but I think it will be a good experiment to determine how my own body wants to get this job done. I've had no soreness, even after back to back ultra distance days on the weekends, and my weight is staying about the same. Compared to being sore all the time, this is nice.

The numbers have been small weekly totals, but last weekend(3/2) was a 21/25/10 combo that felt great. This past weekend was a more speed focused weekend(accidentally) with a marathon distance run with Monkey Mike, with a typical cruising pace in the in the 6:50-7:15.(stops for a dookie and snacks altered our "actual" pace, but who cares.) Mike PR'd for marathon distance by 10 minutes. Ten. Minutes, and it was no doing of mine. Shit, he was in front half the time. Mid week consisted of about 20 miles worth of jogs, with one effort per week that I'd call a tempo. 6:30-7:00pace on roads. for 8-10 miles.

Being undertrained for this race will bring about some extra pain, or even a risk of DNF. It also forces the ego out of the equation. The front runners of this race will likely lap me as I run the same loop 8 times. I'll let them go. I get to forsake the heels of those who pass and resist the urge to follow. I'm not a fast learner, so the best way for this race to go is to finish and feel like I could have pushed harder, not blowing up halfway through and shuffling it in.

Philosohpy and strategy aside, I've got an 8am class on monday and a 14hr drive, so...

Satruday 5am start
14 hour drive
8am class on monday

24+ hours?

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