Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl Movement Dec 28- Feb 3

Took a rest day, studied, and drank a shitload of coffee during a 14 hour day at school. Coffee=raised heart rate=exercise...right? Literally, 14 hours on campus. The old me applied the following formula, where x=the amount of time studying out of class per credit hour

x = 0 unless there's a test tomorrow, in which case x=.5 How I graduated with honors for my Bachelor's is either testament to my natural, unpolished abilities, or a slap in the face to academia.

...either way, goose egg running miles. Monday is a good day to reserve as a rest day, provided I do my weekly long run on Sunday.

Just the 4 hours of water exercise. School is really weighing on my jogging.  Now that I'm taking prerequisites for grad school, I'm borderline obsessive about studying. Hopefully it evens out. At least the exercise I get at work keeps me from becoming sedentary.

10 miles - 9 hour day of school. 1 hour of class, 8 hours of studying. Got home and did a 10 mile progression run. Not a balls-out effort, just an overdue run on pavement with decent turnover. All runs since recovering from the flu have been stomping out miles in snow. This was all dirt road or pavement and rolling hills. Pace slowly went from 8min/mile to 6:40 for the last one.

6 miles - Covered coworker's aquatic class, and cought a run in between it and my regular pool sessions. 1 hour, no watch. I'm assuming 10 min/miles, so who knows. The hilly, snowy trails at Hoffmaster + stair repeats on a set of 120 stairs. A nice way to get some intensity. Total of 6 hours of exercise for the day, so not too shabby.

Another day of no exercise. Shit. Getting observation hours at the PT clinic(most schools require 80+ hours of observation time. Looking at life in a more holistic way, I'm very happy. Returning to health after illness, inury free(for now), enjoying my runs, and finally busting my hump to chase professional goals. If I valued myself based on running miles, I'd be one sad jogger with all these days off.

8 miles - Standard loop at Hoffmaster + the ridge(slippery, technical singletrack. Really fun). Great jog with Mark, Rick, and Erik in the falling snow.

23 miles - Super convuluted and strange run. Left from home to the Cedar Creek area. I used to ride dirtbikes and go four-wheeling every weekend in this large patch of State Land, and thought I'd take run there and cruise the old trails. I was the only one to have touched the area since our last snowfall, with the exception of some pesky xc ski tracks. The trails were hilly and technical, especially in their icy condition. 1-1.5 feet of powder on top of a layer of ice. Beneath the ice was about 6inches of water. Every 5-10 steps, my foot would punch through the ice and sink to the bottom. Since this trek was looking more and more like an adventurous speedhike, I just went with it and enjoyed it.

Once I made it through the trails, I took the roads into Twin Lake, where I hopped the train tracks back home. Great 4.5 hour outing.

 47 miles? Welp, this 100 mile will suck.

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