Sunday, December 2, 2012

Week Sauce

11 miles- Met up with Abbey for an easy 10 miler around GVSU's campus. A few hills, but generally flat road route. Hit the campus trail system on the river. Great run.

8 miles - 3 hours worth of exercise. Rode my bike to the state park, then an hour and twenty minutes in the dunes. Taped my ski poles to my bike so I could work my upper body too. Just not in the mood for a "real" run I guess. Pushed through 28 degrees and wind to try to fight the yearly cycle of "wow, I'm in the same funk as last year already." Time flies.

3 hours of exercise classes in the evening. Really helped get the aches out.

3 miles. 3 measely miles. No energy today. 1.5 miles in each direction from home. Thought of contingency plans in the event of feeling like this for an extended period. Then, I realized that I should either stop being a bitch or just quit. Got down to my usual cruising pace of 7:15. Can't explain this dip in morale lately.

AM - 7 miles - Warmup from the river to the local high school track. I'm assuming it's open to the public, due to the fence being quite scalable. 10x400, 200m slow jog recovery. 400m seems a bit short, even for my standards, but I wanted some variety. Some longer shenanigans planned for later this week have me seeking balance.

PM - Water classes. I'm a cross training machine! Don't mess with the dude who trains with seniors and pregnant ladies for a living.

8 miles - I have no idea here, just a guess. Stayed moving for 1:20, but felt slow and sluggish. Made sure I stayed on the hills. Overslept by, say, 4 hours and never really woke up all day. Sat on the beach and pondered life for a while afterward. Can't help but wonder what exactly I'm doing wrong.

cero. Family functions.

13 miles - Jeremiah and I did a loop and a half at Luton Park. He's on the rebound from some time off, and we're trying to re-gro the mojo. It's a great park with some small but plentiful hills. A change of scenery and time with a good friend. Not a thing wrong with that.

50 miles on the week. Reminds me that I can be relatively unfocused for now, but still run decent mileage. After some thought, I've decided to keep the mileage low(50-60/week max) until January. A 16 week training plan will suffice as long as I can stay in shape. "Training" for 6-7 months is half a year or more, and that, friends, is more than this slacker can handle. Running is a hobby, and not a job. You don't have to know me long to know how I feel about jobs. I'm about due for my monthly long run, and I'm looking forward to it.

I've noticed something.

Stressing about mileage
-barely(but occassionally) run over 70 miles/week
-feel like shit
-run when I don't want to
-no increase in performance

Not stressing about mileage
-barely(but occassionally) run over 70 miles/week
-feel good
-run when I feel good
-PR for shorter distances
-Easily cover longer distances



  1. +1 on your method for determining if a track is open to the public!

    1. keep the stoke proper, bro. things'll be comin up roses in no time. stoked roses.

    2. You both have your own ways to inspire, whether it be reinforcing less than legal behavior or disjointed yet profound verbage.