Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow Grew the Fire

22 miles - Not as long as I intended, but hey. Should have left from home to do my "lighthouse run" to Pere Marquette beach and back, but opted to stay off the busy, foggy highway. Paved bikepath to the beach, then 3 loops of stairs at Kruse Park. The stairs woke up my sluggish legs. 7:45ish pace on the way out, and bit quicker on the way back. Final three miles before cooldown were 7:05, 6:55, and 5:58. At least the stairs and tempo-paced final miles slightly compensated for the short distance.

Run roads to sand. Touch water. Contemplate Swimming. Turn around.

AM - 5 mile cruise around the house. Thought about making yesterday and today back-to-back long days, then I didn't. Cool story, right? Not quite time to pound out miles yet.

I came across this peice a few months ago, and it really inspired me (on Bernd Heinrich). I'm not this caliber of runner by any means, but Dr. Heinrichs approach, described in more detail in his book Why We Run, showed me that there is room to perform when I call upon my body to do so(given enough notice to train) without doing the typical ultrarunner thing of training for years with little voluntary rest. Heinrich's book is also filled with long sentences(made longer with parenthetical notation) that somehow avoid being run-ons, just like this blog! What truly inspired me was that this man had a passion for running and competing, but also for other things. Running is a means to an end. If something is going to feel like a job, it had better provide some useful stuff(money, helping people, nudity, etc.)

AM - Splitting wood for 3 hours, then hauling it up to the house. Then a bike ride to get coffee, where I sit here writing this. I sat on a log and drank a beer in the middle of a cold, sunny afternoon, thinking about all I have left to do, and just sort of breathed a sigh of relief. Most people would love to be right where I am. In more ways than one, I love it too.

PM - Ya caught me. I slept until 11am. There was no PM. See AM for PM. I'm in a delightful, yet unproductive mood. I have a sudden feeling of wind leaving my sails, but simultaneously am enjoying it. I think I'll focus on other stuff for a couple weeks, and run when I please.

Just the exercise classes today.

7 miles - A loop at Hoffmaster. Felt like a train wreck today. Once my lunch of two bowls of salad and two bowls of potato soup descended a little, I got into a groove. I did, however, feel like I hadn't run in a month, and not in a good way. I carried a couple 40lb grain bags out to the barn a couple days ago, and decided to lunge them out there, what with my fresh legs and all. Bad idea. Still hurts.

27 miles - Road tripped it to the great white North with Jeff for his long run to prep for the Yankee Springs 50k. M-20 Trailhead near Hesperia. 2:25 out, 2:18 back. A few inches of fresh snow made for a really great run. We packed more than necessary(clothing, gear, food, water, headlight, fancy biodegradable toilet paper) for the sake of preparedness, and to keep the pace slow and easy. Nothing incredibly steep, but not flat. Typical Michigan singletrack. The quiet trail was wonderful. I missed the sound of ear-ringing silence that comes from an oak-filled forest with fresh snow covering everything. During a time when I seem to lack motivation, this run was a blessing. It's not about races or blogs or gear or belt buckles. These times outside are more precious than any pretentious pants accesory. Running will likely never be my job, but that doesn't mean that I can't be passionate about it.

0 miles. Moved furniture for a few hours, then spent some time with the family. I actually felt better today than before yesterday. If I were in training mode, I'd say, "I feel good after that run, I'd better do a shakeout and take advantage of the opportunity to train." Since that's not until February, I say, "I feel good after a long run. Not feeling like shit is cool. Pass the beer." I suppose there isn't much of a difference, really.

61 miles for the week. I only ran 4 days. That's kind of dumb, isn't it? Oh well.

Where the hell did my whole "miles per week" fixation come from? When I'm not thinking about anything, my inner monologue sometimes sounds like "22 plus 5 plus 7...shit."

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