Sunday, December 16, 2012

(nearly)Every Day, I'm Shufflin'

Goal for the week: Run every day. Let's see how it went, shall we?

5 miles - No watch, just a jog around the block to shake my legs out. Legs felt zippy on the flat pavement.

5 miles - Road run with three tempo miles in the middle. 6:45, 6:35, 6:06, shuffle home. I've come to the realization that I prefer workouts(hills, tempo, trackwork, etc.) to easy jogging. I know how to run slow. Working toward running fast makes me feel like I'm doing something more worthwhile.

10 miles - 5 mile warmup on the xc ski trails. Might as well. No snow on them. Found rooty, technical hill that took a little less than 90 seconds to sprint up. 7 repeats on it, with the downhill as the rest period. 3 mile cooldown back to the car.

6 miles. Night of no sleep. Up sweating all night, and not in a good, "recreational" way. Easy run to the bank and back.

4 miles at the state park with Sam before work.

4 hours of water exercise classes.

8(ish)miles - 1.5 miles to the track with Jeremiah, some warmup laps, then a floater workout. 200m(200m float), 400m(400m float), 800m(400m float), 1200m(400m jog), 800m(400m float), 400m(200m jog), 2x200 sprints. 1.5 back to house. Not a ball-buster since we had no watches. A good reintroduction for Dr. C into the training grind.

12 miles/fartlek - Cutdown 6 mile warmup. Dropped pace steadily from 7:50 to 6:50, then stopped a moment to stretch a bum hip flexor. 6 mile return trip was alternating easy and hard miles. 6:10, 7:00, 5:50, 7:05, 5:48, 8:00. I should be doing longer stuff, but my local trails are a 25minute drive, and the 38degree/rain combo just blows ass. Grinding out a workout was more appealing than a long slow run with numb junk. Must by new tights or electric underpants.

Just like the Detroit Lions, I managed to fall short at the last possible moment Is that even accurate? My sports knowledge is based on scrolling through facebook. My hip flexor is acting up ever so slightly, and [list of excuses to be edited in later]

50 miles. Fifty miles. 80.4672 kilometers. cincuenta millas. matter how I say it, it does not imply "100 mile training." Oh well.

As the year comes to a close...

It's funny to think that I've landed in nearly the same spot as I did 1 year ago. Not somewhere different, but an eerily groundhog day-like sameness. Back at home and underemployed, fantacizing about adventure after half a year of doing what I felt is right for me. Instead of feeling like it's out of my system, I only want more. Another year has gone by, and I'm back where I started. Maybe I can't run on treadmills because I'm already on one. I don't mean to sound pathetic or self-loathing. I've done things that have made me incredibly happy. I'm still happy. I seem to go back and fourth between thinking way too much and thinking too little.

The Umstead 100 is the first weekend in April. A 4 month training period will be good considering that I'm coming from a period of relative fitness(40-70 miles a week consistently, and some solid leg speed). It presents an interesting situation. I'm in decent shape now. I'm not sure if it's my tendnency toward self-sabotage, but I'm thinking of doing a long, speedy run to get it out of my system. This could be followed by a week of real rest, then the start of training. Sort of like plowing a field to cultivate new crops. Whatever. If I feel the urge, I'll burn it down to start anew. My gut tells me that since I've run long already(embarassingly long), I've got the base to cover 100 "easy" miles. What I need is the strength to cover them faster. That will require focusing on speed over distance, not just distance. The hardest part about that will be trusting myself when my weekly mileage looks abysmal compared to that of my fellow ultrarunners.

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