Sunday, November 4, 2012

Doin' as I Please

9 miles - 1 hour at the State Park + 2 miles at home. Not quite a "double" since it was only about 20 minutes between the runs. Just an hour of continuous running over the gravel cc loop and the sandy ridges and hills. I was thinking about how lucky I am to live so close to such a park. It's not the expansive trail system of the Boulder area, but it's less crowded provides adequate training grounds.

5 miles - Apparently the cold wasn't done waging war on my body. Felt achy, lethargic, and my joints hurt. An easy run at Hoffmaster, followed by some off trail running. Chugged up the back of a large dune to get a view of the big waves. Though I'm probably able to attempt a workout, I think it would be best to let the sick feelings pass. Not a bad run, considering it was 40 degrees and raining.

Typical 4 hours of water aerobics instruction. At least I have some exercise built into my day.

4 miles - 30 minute run from home. Slept nearly 12 hours last night, still woke up feeling stuffy and congested. An easy jog to keep from feeling cooped up and to clear my sinuses out. I realized that I may be a streaker. Perhaps trying to avoid total days off could benefit me.

AM - 17.5 miles. 2:01. Ran most of the Grand Rapids Riverbank Run course. Some rolling hills, but mostly pavement. E. Greez and I were really dreading this run, but did it anyway. I was aprehensive considering I'm barely feeling recovered from this cold, but I thought I might be able to hammer it out. To run 7:00 miles at such a casual perceived effort felt good. Headed to work for 4 hours of pool exercise classes.

...When I think of how well this run went, its a bit disconcerting. Though it was a successful run, I still realize the general not-so-awesomeness of it. Does a 2 hour 18 miler in any way indicate a successful 100? Maybe, maybe not. I've got a plan in my head, a goal in my mind, and a good feeling in my gut. I'm enjoying my training. Is it sad that 5 weeks is the longest I've ever trained consistently? It's exciting to build momentum and get a glimpse of the shape of things to come. I've had success in the past. That was almost two years ago. It's time to get over myself and accept that work will get me back to where I was. Starting where I am, not where I wish I was. I can run long and slow. These days, you have to run long and fast. I'm cool with that.

AM -  2 hour outing at Muskegon State Park. 5 miles on the ski trail, then a little over an hour in the dunes. While warming up on the ski trail, I felt disoriented and my vision was blurred. Had to slow down to a crawl and make it back to the car. Sat on my tailgate eating an apple and drinking water for a few minutes before heading to the sand. Mostly just hiking up the dunes and running the downhills. Testing out the sand proofiness of the MT110W. Awesome shoe for sand and (probably) slush.
If yesterday was about fast, easy gliding, then today was other side of the coin. Slogging up the uncooperative grades of sand trying to embrace the toils of hard, slow movement. Discouraging and encouraging at the same time.

PM - 3 miles (22:00) on the dirt roads in my Trailroc 235s. Free shoes, bitches! Review coming soon. Just when I thought I'd tank my blog with boring weekly mileage reports and no pictures...oh wait, that's been every week for two months.

7 miles - Maybe 6. 10 minutes of jogging with Ryan before the Turkey Trail Trot Gobble Wobble 5k Drumstick Dash Gravy Gallop or whatever it's called. A hilly, sandy trail 5k at Hoffmaster. It's on my favorite local trails, and my week has been pretty light on the workouts. Started out with the lead pack, and realized I was in the front. Once the course left the parking lot and started climbing, I stayed in front until the end. I think the hill repeats paid off, since I was able to put ground on 2nd and 3rd on the climbs. I feel like a poacher for winning a 5k with a 20 flat, but it was honestly a pretty fun course. Admittedly, I ran just hard enough to win. Running fast on technical trails is a lot of fun. I think I'll be signing up for more trail 5/10ks if I can afford it. I haven't won a race in a while, and it's a good feeling that should help spur me on in training. I don't expect to win or set a course record any time soon...unless I find another inaugural running of a virtually unadvertised race. Hey, I'm a drastically underemployed college graduate who lives at home with his parents and an ungodly amount of cats. If this is the beginning of a rags to riches story, it's a good one. Give me my fuckin' win, okay?

Cooled down 3 miles on the trails. inov8 trailroc 235s are awesome. This is #4 on my list of race wins, all of which are done on brand new, previously untested shoes.

6 miles - 3.2 on the trails around Lost Lake and adjacent ridges with Ryan, then 2-3 miles of hiking with Samantha.

2 hours of hauling/stacking wood with Ryan. Seriously, just stacking firewood. Sounds dirty...not that there's anything wrong with that.

60 miles. Once again, things went well this week. In spite of feeling sick and haggard early on, it evened out nicely. A bit of a breakthrough mid/long run, my first  real doubles in a while, some strength-building dunes, and a 5k win. Great hike on the lakeshore to top it off, and I'll call it a solid week. Slowly and steadily, I'll get there. As long as I don't get injured or lose interest or get a real job or any other such thing.

Enjoy whatever you're doing. I truly am.

"Adhere to your purpose and you will soon feel as well as you ever did. On the contrary, if you falter, and give up, you will lose the power of keeping any resolution, and will regret it all your life."
 - Abraham Lincoln

Halloween Ridiculousness.


  1. Abe Lincoln - Vampire Hunter! When you find your unadervertised, inaugural 5K for your course record attempt, you should wear that getup. The axe should at least keep the competition back.

  2. The only trail race I've ever won was a 19:30 5K, in which second place was, seriously, a 7-year-old. I even won a $50 gift card from a local running store for this momentous victory. I'm assuming you at least had the luxury of beating grown ups.

  3. I won't be laying the smack-down on 7 year olds until the Thanksgiving day T-Trot! Second place was a nationally ranked triathlete, so that made strut a little.

  4. I (for less than a minute) was the winner of a local 5K, running a 14:30 and dropping my PR by a suspiciously large 4 minute margin. Unfortunately, I had led the top 10 runners on a wrong turn (i.e. shortcut) early in the race, so was largely responsible for the whole lot of us getting DQ'ed. Oops.

    At the time, that was a first for me. Who the hell gets lost during a road race? Now that I've gotten into trail racing though, getting lost is the norm, though this usually means adding miles instead of subtracting.

  5. reading this, i have to think. u need to buy a new pair of trail shoes for every race. Seriously though, keep enjoying the running.

    1. It works even better when they're free shoes, but I agree.