Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Some quality early on, but tapered off toward the end.

AM - 6 miles flat and easy. After a weekend of hardly any running, I felt like easing back into it. Dirt roads. Unfortunately, flat is the norm. Fortunately, there's a way to make it harder: run faster.

PM - A couple hours of wood cutting. Rolling logs and running the chainsaw. Not an "official" workout, but its nice to be outside and it will keep the house warm.

AM - 12 miles. 6 out and 6 back from home. Felt like putting on the Ultraspire vest with my camera in it and having an easy run down to the river flats. Some rolling hills and dirt roads go me to some nice scenery. Sped up a little on the way home and hit a couple 6:30 miles.

PM - Tried some new stuff at water aerobics to improve the balance and core strength of the participants, and we all got a workout. nice. 4 hrs

AM - Track work, approx 9 miles
2 mile warmup to the track from Gazelle
2mile - 11:15
400m rest
 1mile - 5:33
400m rest
800m - 2:35
400m rest
400m 1:17
2mile cooldown

PM - led one water exercise class. 1 hr

.Pretty much DNF'ed the rest of the week.

Friday and Saturday were spent crewing for Jeremiah in Pennsylvania at the Oil Creek 100. Pacing the last 50k of the race was the plan, things went awry when some nasty back pain plagued him. So goes life, especially under the reign of the 100miler over the lives of my little group. This goes to show that even those who aim for top 10 finishes still must finish. The 100 is no different from other races in that needs to be approached with unwavering confidence and courage, but also an acute sense of how much is too much.

6 miles at the State Park. A quick loop on the 5k xc ski loop(can't wait for some snow), then some hills that lead out to the beach. A really mellow run to shake my legs from a sedentary state back to business as usual.

Some great travelling and good experiences this week, but nothing special on the running front. Watching a 100 unfold always brings motivation for the next week.

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