Monday, October 29, 2012

Insert Clever Title

6 miles - An hour run at the park. Beach, technical trail, sand dunes, and a little pavement on the channel. Shoes got so packed with sand that I blew the toebox out of my MT110s. Shitballs. Oh well. They were the same prototypes I wore for Pike's last year. They had to go sometime. Not quite a "workout" in that there was no real plan, but my legs and lungs were pushed a bit beyond "easy."

4 miles easy on the dirt roads. Either my perception of "easy" is changing, or I'm due for a long run. 29:35. Just before heading off to work to teach pool classes.

11 miles - Short work meeting, then off to Hoffmaster for the first workout of the week. 3.1 mile warmup on the trails (25:20), then 2x10minutes on the back half of the loop. 4 minute rest between the 10min intervals. Just under 1.5 miles per interval. The first rep was more intense and focusing was easier. The second was far hillier and more technical. 4 mile cooldown on the beach barefoot, taking advantage of the last warm days of the year(hopefully, I'd like some winter).

Later, a 1 hour barefoot hike at Muskegon State park, a little soccer, and carrying some 50lb grain bags out to the barn. Apparently I've decided to document every moment of physical exertion. What a clown.

AM - 14(maybe 15...ish) miles with Evan at Hoffmaster. Two loops down to Coast Guard Park and back. As is usual when we run together, this run was faster and more steady than if I had run it alone. Every time Evan slowed up, I sped up, and vice versa(the vice versa happened more often). Maybe the best weather I've seen since my return home. The leaves were thick near the oaks, so it made running a solid pace by braille on the technical trails pretty interesting. Really excellent run. Though it's 15% of my goal race distance, I feel stronger as time wears far.

PM - 1.5 hours of carrying, splitting, and stacking wood at a leisurely pace The heat is going away, the trees are colorful, and everything comes in pumpkin-flavored varieties.

8 miles - 2 mile warmup, then I marked off a quarter mile. I purposely chose a section with a longer, mellow gradient, finishing with a steeper incline. 8x400, 1 minute rest. Back and forth on the pothole-laden chip and seal road that parallels the expressway. Not exactly a scenic or motivating environment, but I think that's what was motivating about it. The mostly downhill sections were in the 1:15-1:20, and the mostly uphill sections in 1:20-1:30. 3 mile cooldown. Will this workout lead to increased ultra performance in any way? Meh. Just not in the mood to pound out hours of running just yet.

Another 1.5 hours of busting logs open. Beats the hell out of going to the gym, and it will keep the house warm.

8 miles - Met up with Evan for a 1 hour jog. 8.76 miles with a pace of 6:30/mile. 30 minutes out, then turned around for a negative split. I was planning on a 20 miler, but took Evan up on his offer to meet me halfway between our homes. Maybe I was in "long run" mode, or perhaps a bit tired from the consecutive days of quality, but I was sitting on the struggle bus for most of this run. I thought we were running closer to 7:30 min/mile, so I was happily surprised to hear the pace when we finished. Talked the whole run and enjoyed cool and sunny weather.

...One hell of a Halloween party to follow.

5 miles - Woke up to a nasty head cold. My nose had a steady drip and I was sneezing uncontrollably. After running some errands, I set out to do a slow easy run. Threw on my Brooks Cascadias, which I haven't worn for about 4 years. Surprisingly comfy, even on roads. Granted, I felt like a slug with my head all congested, but my legs didn't break. Doesn't that fly in the face of the views of the cultish following of minimal shoe runners? Maybe I was too tired to overstride and it kept my form honest. Either way, I finally got my pace down under 8 min/miles and called it a day.

...As much as I hate to say it, I might have to abstain from drinking if I'm going to train. Giving up a Sunday run because I weakened my immune system hurts after having such a good rhythm going. Such is life. As a kid, this was the time of year for my annual visit to the hospital for athsma-related complications. I'll count my blessings and jog on.

56 miles - Consistency. This is the 4th week in a row that I've run steadily, gotten in some quality speedy efforts, and had all my runs feel pain-free. If I'm smart, I'll slowly and steadily build on this weekly structure, using it as a framework to which I'll add volume in the form of two-a-days and a monthly ultra distance run(to practice fueling).

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