Sunday, October 7, 2012

Small Steps

5 miles - Started out easy, and decided not to look at my watch. I'm not even sure why I brough it; I haven't even worn it in weeks. Eased into the run, and just ran a little faster each time I heard it tick a mile off. 7:15 or so for the average, and a 6:20 for the fastest mile. I was surprised to have a pretty casual effort be fast. I've had much more intense attempts come up short. The key to success here is to keep feeling good. I have a tendency to ramp up the mileage too quickly, or to continue running too fast until blowing up.

AM - 7 miles easy. Nice warmup, then 2x3:00 at tempo pace. A mellow run overall. other than one small hill, flat as hell.

PM - The usual leading of 4 exercise classes back to back. Mostly core work, squats, and light cardio.

Track Workout
2 mile(ish) warmup
2x1 mile - 5:35, 5:28ish. I was a second or twelve behind Evan and Rob and I had no watch on. Just hung on.
2 mile cooldown

Fell off toward the end, so I resorted to some shorter, faster efforts to round out the workout. It's a bit early in the game to destroy myself during a track session. Raising the ole heart rate and getting fast turnover in are important right now. I also bought a pair of New Balance RC 1600s, and they are awesome.

AM - 9 miles easy around the house on the gravel roads. This weather and sun can even make this boring route fun. Finally took it easy. Did I really run 4 days in a row? There was a time when that would not have been a big deal. RC1600's worked well. I was a bit afraid to run in a 6mm drop shoe, but so far so good. They're not squishy by any stretch of the imagination.

PM - 4 hours being all "aqua Richard Simmons" and what not.

Took a day off for no reason, other than running sounded boring.

5 miles - Got up early and drove down to Kzoo for the Campus Classic. It's a "homecoming" event for WMU, and I never ran it while I attended. Why not go jog it, right? Jogged in the morning, visited friends and tailgated in the afternoon, and had a few drinks in the local pubs at night.

5k's tend to make me a little nervous since I have a habbit of going out too hard. No watch(as usual lately), so I just tried to keep it as mellow as one can in a 5k. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 18:15, near as I can tell. Considering the infantile state of my post-100 rebuild, I'm quite happy. After a short cool down jog, I felt like I could have given another hard effort. 3rd in my age group(I don't really get the whole "age group" thing. If I get my ass kicked by a 12 year old, no system of age brackets will spare me any embarassment.).

I was a bit...shall we say...sluggish? Trip up North to help my gradnpa winterize his cabin and watched a soccer game.

37 measely miles, and the usual other stuff. Considering the overall quality this week, it was a bit of a breakthrough. Now, if I can add about 90 miles of fluff to that, I'll be sitting good for Umstead.

Oh, yeah. I'm running the Umstead 100 on April 6th. Better write myself a plan and stick to it. I've learned a lot in my last two 100mile adventures, and I think that if I give it some thought and apply my lessons, I can have more success this time.

Happy trails and what not!


  1. Replies
    1. Sure, I'll just up and set a 14ish hour PR for 100miles. Easy as pie!

  2. As a 39 year old this spring, I thought age groups were stupid. However now that I'm 40, they're the best thing ever! My mantel is now full of trophies, beer steins, cuckoo clocks, small wads of cash, and all sorts of other prizes that I am now able to steal from the near-AARP set. I'm guessing that within 3 years, age groups will be back in the 'stupid' category again.

  3. So, after your first 100 miler...what's your mindset now? is it like...after the first 100 the door just swings wide open you feel like "well, fuck it, let's run more of these!" long did it take after tahoe before you felt like "i can't wait to do that again?"

    good to hear that the stoke is proper once again!

    1. Well, P-man(can I call ya P-man?), I figured if I was dumb enough to do two 100s that are substantially harder than Western States, I could try one that's rated easier than WS. I've been told that Umstead is a "runner's 100." I've loved my longer races that were more runnable. The 12hr I did last year was awesome! yeah, I said fuckit and want to do more. Nail, meet head.