Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting the Itch

0.0x10^13 miles. A day of sitting around for orientation at work nearly put me into a coma.

No running miles, due to a 14 hour day of two orientations, paperwork, and leading exercise classes. I did, however do 4 hours of water resistance training. I lead 4 50 minute classes back to back, so I think I've found a way to get my resitance training in and treat my imminent overuse injuries when they pop up. The work pays didly, but at least its fun.

AM - 3 mile jog to the creek and back from home. Needed to clear my head and run in the quiet before attending a staff meeting.

PM - 29 miles with Ryan on the bike. Climbing the bigger hills aggressivley felt good. Buuuut the achy goochal region evened out the pleasureable parts. Still a couple hours of quality exercise I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Thanks Ryan.

AM - 11...ish miles with Evan and Rob. A warmup on the lakeshore on the North side of town, then a 20 minute(the plan was 40minutes) tempo run up "Block House Hill" and back down. To do a 40 minute tempo effort, I'd have to go out at a pace slower than 5:30-5:50 min/mile. Times like this make me feel a bit down because I'm not improving. I've decided to chill out and start anew next month, and this is the downside of that. Putting my ego aside and doing what I feel is best for me is difficult when I feel out of shape. So goes running with fast people. It was still a hilly run with some fast middle miles, so it's cool.

PM - 4 hours of leading water aerobics classes. Each class is back to back, and gets progressively more intense as they go. Now that the awkwardness of the first day is over, the classes are fun and fairly intense. I can't maintain fitness with them alone, but they'll make a great supplement even if my skin is falling off from bromine exposure.

AM - 5 miles at an easy pace on the house loop. Could barely feel the previous day's run, which was a pleasant surprise. Low volume training is sweet! I took it easy and picked up trash on the side of the road. If you live near me: Pick. up. your. shit. you. lazy. fuck. I filled up the bottom third of a trash bin with all the garbage I gathered. On a 5 mile run? Ridiculous. Sat by the creek for a good 30 minutes afterward and checked out the colors. Fall is the greatest time of year.

PM - 1 hour bike ride, 1 hour hike, and 1 hour ride back with Sam. Along the lakeshore to the State Park and back. My legs felt fatigued, so there goes my confidence in my legs. No biggie.

4 hours or so of cutting/splitting wood. Shoulders and back, I apologize. It felt good to work away at something with measurable results. The pile of wood should keep the house warm for the winter months, provided I get it hauled up to the house.

A morning 15 miler with Jeremiah. A mellow road run was all I needed for the day, and it was all he needed to bridge the gap between last week's 50M and the upcoming 100. My half-assed bumbling around as of late must be paying off. At one point, he mentioned running too hard and that we were running about 7min/mile. Considering that we were babbling mindlessly as we ran, I'll take it as a good sign for his readiness to culminate his training, and to start mine.

30 something miles and over 10 hours of other exercise. Fun stuff, and I feel like I'm getting ready to climb out of a year long slump. Keep on truckin.'



  1. +1 on the littering sentiments.

    You're a cross-training machine, but you might want to try and double your Monday mileage.

    1. I don't think I'm quite ready for that! Could you imagine how many miles that would be???? :)