Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Time Loggin' than Joggin.'

Zip. Spent the day driving across the state with my dad for work stuff. Cool day, but lots of butt-to-seat time.

4 miles of slow yoggin' and some lunges/squats. Thats. about. it.

2.5 hour hike with Sam, with some higher intensity dune intervals thrown in. Rained on and off all afternoon, but it was fun nonetheless. With enough high intensity work and diligent training, I'm starting to feel convinced that one could be a competent mountain runner with the absence of mountains. Not that I'd know anything about that.
Some of the best trails I've ever run. Not an expansive or overly technical trail system , but I'm grateful for it.

Man Pris. Bamboo ski poles. Cotton t-shirt. I know, an icon of style.

Hard not to heelstrike like mofo on sand downhills. Last week was 5x1 of the big dune. This week was 2x3 of the varying sizes. Eventually I'd like to make a really long effort out of it, but I've deemed the next two months "lazy time."

9 miles with Jeremiah and Dave at Pigeon Creek. They're both racing the DWD this weekend, so I did a "sympathy taper" and jogged with them. I rather like this whole "running easy without sweating my balls off" thing. Feeling good.

2 hours of kayaking on the river. The recent rain made for some difficult upstream navigation, but it made for a good time and a decent exercise effort. Colors are turning on the river, and the bugs are retreating. Might have to dress in warm clothes and continue the late season patrols.

Less than stellar day in the garage. 0 anything.

4 miles. Standard dirt road jog around the house. A short hike added in there in the afternoon, but nothing noteworthy.

8 miles. Flat, lonely dirt roads. I'm barely running lately, but feeling no pain at all during runs is starting to make me feel enthusiastic. I may not be the type of runner who maintains a high level of fitness all year. Thinking of time as a cyclical, as opposed to a linear, suits me a bit better. Peaking in time for races could be more my style. I suppose it's as close as one can get to "cramming" for such an event. Either way, I'm feeling better during this short reprieve, even if I've found that my ego is a bit wrapped up in my mediocre running.

About 8 hours of exercise this week. ACSM recommends at least 30 minutes a day. At least I'm doing more than the bare minimum.

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