Monday, September 17, 2012

Leisure on the Lakeshore

I did not do a damned thing on Monday.

1.5 hours of Kayaking. Some open water action on Muskegon lake. We stuck to the lakeshore for the most part, since waves were coming up over the top of my skirtless kayak. A couple miles paddled to the channel, then through it to check out the WWII submarine that rests near the Coast Guard Station. Nice outing to enjoy the Landscape in a non-running way. Being a runner who only runs is damn-near impossible here. Luckily I'm trying not to train at the moment.

A track workout with Evan and Rob in Grand Rapids. A couple miles of jogging to the track, then a 3x1000 at 5k race pace. Only flaw in that plan: I'm substantially slower than these two. We broke up the third 1000 into a 2x400, then a 32second 200 for me. I'm not feeling super fast, but I do love me a good track session. Feeling fresh for a track workout was really enjoyable. Sticking with 1 track session and a long run per week just might slow my decline while I slack for a couple months and get my mojo back.

An easy 4 around my house in the cold weather. Wearing a flannel and running shorts in this cool weather makes a slow fall run under the changing leaves feel just right. Only a few leaves on each tree are red, the sparse highlighted embers on the canopy over my dirt road.

2 mile warmup on the hills in the State Park, then grabbed the ski poles for some dune repeats. Jogged over to the tallest dune in the  park, then ran/hiked/slogged my way up it. Using the poles isn't something I plan on doing much in races(unless that whole Hardrock thing works out), but the benefit of using arms and shoulders is nice, and mixes things up a bit. 6 repeats(about 2:00 each), with a little standing and bombing back down for recovery. Really fun, enjoyable workout.
I follow the path up to here, and try to keep the sand churning up.
Ok, it's not a mountain view, but I love it anyway. The cool air has me excited for winter.

2 hour run on flat, dirt roads and rolling hills on the banks of the river. Perfect weather, and a run just long enough to call a long run. As a little mojo starts creeping back into my stride, I keep thinking about a "runable" 100miler. Mountain and technical trail running will always have a special place in my heart, but for the sake of contrast I'd like to take on a different challenge.

3 hour mountain bike ride with Sam. A long drive up to Traverse City to ride the vasa singletrack/pathway. Some quad busting sand hills, perfect weather, and topped it off with some damn good Thai food. I never broke into a balls out/ near-miss/ skinned elbows on tree bark pace, but used the hills to build leg strength. Sam was never more than a few seconds behind me. She's only been on the trails a few times, but casually keeps a solid pace. She's not into running, but we may have found a fun way to share the outdoors together.
Some thick vegetation and water everywhere. Probably one of the last green weekends up North

Sand feels foreign after rocky riding

Like a Yeti picture.

One of the best weeks of outdoor recreation I've ever had. Instead of worrying about miles, workouts, or goal races, I just thought of a fun way to get my heart rate up and make my body a bit stronger. I've proven that I can exercise for 30 hours straight, and wasn't all that impressed with myself.
If I'm going to tackle another 100 and improve for next year, I need to get stronger. Here's the plan:

Oh, and some of this:
Instead of worrying about gaining fitess, I'll just take a little time to enjoy what I have.

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