Monday, August 6, 2012

Week Ending 8/5

I don't know why, but I feel the urge to get back into the groove of writing weeklies. This past week was a totally sporadic, unimpressive week of running, and no amount of blogger wizardry could make me look like an athlete. I pride myself in my skills of bullshittery, but I won't waste them trying to embellish my recent running.

Monday and Tuesday were mostly spent working and resting. Swimming, biking, lifting people, and light jogging were my exercise. As much as I hate to admit it, life without the serenity of a jog in the woods can be maddening.

Little more than a shakeout run around the neighborhood to test out some funky prototypes from NB. I know it's materialistic, but a shiny new pair of kicks got me out the door.

A legitimate double. 4 easy in the morning, a full day of work, and a jog up Green with Jason in the afternoon. We got a little turned around on the Saddle Rock trail and ended up doing some scrambling. How anyone could get lost on these trails is beyond me, and I managed to do it in a major way. Other than the getting lost bit, I ran every step, which is kind of unheard of for me. We made it to the top in good time, and bombed down the quickest route as the sun went down.

Easy jog again, in the 30 minute range. I realized that I haven't even unpacked my Garmin from Tahoe, and I didn't even wear it there. Maybe a little timekeeping would mix things up a little.

A hike on the 2nd/3rd Flatirons with Sam. Enjoyed some cool weather and floated along in the inundation of people in the park. I don't mean to complain. It's a great place, and everyone deserves to check it out, not just self entitled runners.

another double. Bike ride with Sam to Mt. Sanitas. I hadn't run the smaller of the Boulder mountains at all this year, since its a longer road run to there than the bigger hills. I forgot how much of a bitch that climb is. The only redeeming quality of the run was that I insisted on running every step, and actually did it, making it up in a hair over 20minutes. I think the unofficial record is Jornet's sub 14minute, so his record is safe for now. All I have to do is run almost 2min/mile faster...shiiiiit.

A speedy tempo 4 miler in the afternoon. Again, no watch, but I went by feel and ran as fast as I could on the singletrack next to the bike path in the dark.

Total: ?
A few hours of actual running this week. Considering two ultradistance runs in two weeks, I'll gladly take it. No injuries, no fatigue, and no complaints.

Coming home from my Tahoe experience, jumping onto the Grand Mesa course, and getting offered a spot at the Leadville 100 have put me into limbo. Do I get back into daily trails? Do I rest up and enjoy this feeling of being fit and energetic? My time for this stint in CO is running out, and I want to experience the local trails a few more times. I also want to give the notoriously tough LT100 a solid effort. Maybe shoot for a sub 24. The funny thing is that before attempting my first 100, sub 24hr was arrogantly viewed as a worst case scenario. I'd use the excuse of being young and cocky, but 25 is pushing it.

Since I've got a 28 hour long run under my belt, and have only 2 weeks until my next one, I'd better just enjoy some low volume cruises on some great trails until I give it hell one last time and go home a broke(financially), broken(physically/mentally) mess.

Blog posts without pictures and/or memes are boring. Have a great week!


  1. Sorry to hear your time here is coming to a close, for now. May as go out in a blaze of glory at the LT 100!

    1. Thanks David.
      Its kind of a bummer that I won't be around longer, but I may not be gone that long either. Life goes on. Maybe I'll stumbe upon a great house in the mountains while I'm cruising the LT100 course :)