Monday, August 20, 2012

13 miles - Cool weather on an overcast day. I had nothing to do and nowhere to go(I'm, ahem, in between houses at the moment). Baseline road to Mesa, to Bear Canyon and Green Mountain Summit. Ranger trail to Flagstaff Summit, and back down the Flagstaff trail. My initial goal was to tag all the peaks in the mountain park, but I was quickly thwarted by stern warning signs about fines, fires, etc. Thought about crossing anyway, but was greeted by rangers who suggested I didn't. No Bear or SoBo for me. I cruised rather effortlessly up the entire climb, which makes me feel pretty good about the upcoming endeavor in Leadville. I kept thinking "Okay, you can climb easy. Now remember to climb slow so you can stay hydrated and float the downhills." We'll see.

2 hour bike ride on the greenways and gravel bike trails around town. My running stuff was at a friend's house, so I rode around town, stopping at the creek and enjoying a day in the sun.

2 hour mountain bike ride with Sam. Fairly technical mountain trails with plenty of climbing. I loved spending my Summer running, but was reminded how much I love mountain biking. Covering more ground and going fast apeases the side of me that likes to go fast. The simplicity of running usually wins out, but if I ever hit the lotto(or find a sugar momma) a sweet mountain would be cool.

1 hour bike ride from the rec center, up the hill to NCAR(National Center for Atmosperic Research) just to kill some time.

Just a drive up to Leadville.

103ish miles. Leadville Trail 100. That's about all I have to say on the matter right now.

One of my highest mileage weeks of the year were done on 2 runs. Sounds about right.

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