Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've Forgotten How To Run Ultras

I've kind of been a bit perplexed for a while as to why a few key long runs have turned to crap. It would seem that all the components of training are there:
High(ish) volume: 60-100miles a week
Back to back long/hard runs: at least once a week
Speed work: 1-2 days a week with a fast group that kicks my ass and pushes my limits.
Hills: 2-3 mountain summits a week
Long runs: at least 1 each week, topping out at around 45 miles, usually followed by a pleasant next day experience

What's missing?

Suffering. Almost every run I do feels good. I feel pleasantly exhausted, a little bit elated even, after every run. Do I need to push it to the point of failure? Do I even want to do that, if it is indeed the toll to transcend my current state of hobbyjoggeritis? Could 80-100 miles a week really be "taking it easy?"  I've been running more consistenly and injury-free in the past 6 months than ever, barring the recent encounter between my ass and the hull of a Sea-Doo. I'll just try to remember that, and press on.

Really kind of tired of logging miles lately, which may or may not have anything to do with me having a half-assed week of dicking around. I've been preoccupied with finding employment and residence beyond August, and I fear the numbing sting of failure is creeping up on me. I love my family dearly, and miss them endlessly, but involuntarily going home will constitute a failure. I guess it goes to show that without my head in the right place, my body won't follow. It's time to focus on the positive and use the limitless tools at my disposal. I'm no proctologist, but I should be able to pull my head out of my ass in time to have a successful trip to Tahoe and continue living a happy life. Maybe I'm just having a man-period or something.

The week wasn't all gloom and doom poor me stuff. One of my best friends from college came from Colorado Springs to hang out for a few days. We hiked, watched the 4th of July fireworks in Broomfield, and sat on our asses enjoying beer/cheetos/slushees in the creek.

On the running front, I think I hit around 50-60 miles, mostly of junk. The two redeeming runs were a tempo/hill combo on Friday(3 mile warmup+2k Tempo@6min/mile pace+8x60sec hill repeats+5mile cooldown) and a double on Sunday(15mile AM and 4 in the afternoon). I guess the Wednesday combo of a 4 mile am run and a 3 hour hike was decent training too, but it was too fun to call training.

It was a bit of a poorly timed "down" week, but what's done is done. Maybe a little self doubt is what I need to get motivated. I'll try soothing the mind with some solo efforts on some backcountry trails and actually working more adult-like hours this week.

Keep up the great work, everyone! If you're not doing great work, then I'm being sarcastic.

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